Hindu Way of life leads to Vedanta – the end of all knowledge – and the end is two-fold: Aatmano mokshaartham, jagat hitaaya cha – Salvation of the individual self and well being of the entire universe. When a purified soul goes on expanding, seeking its identity step by step with family, society, nation and the world, the soul not only attains liberation, but the world also benefits. However, this expansion of the individual soul should not be mistaken for the universalism preached by cunning politicians and the so-called humanists. If you examine minutely the personal life of most of these people, you can find that they have never hesitated to give up their dharma to their family and society for the sake of name and personal gains, to ditch the nation to gain international popularity and fame and have sacrificed their very souls for the sake of worldly recognition and material welfare. Instead of expanding, they really shrink into self-centred, egoistic beings donning the cloak of universalists and humanists. 

Hindutwa or Hinduism which has its origin in the Vedas which spread all over the world about eight thousand years ago is the one and only source of all religions of the world. Zorastrianism, Shamonism from which Buddhism and Jainism have emerged, and Judaism from which Christianity and Islam have arisen, are all offshoots of the ancient Vedic culture which spread to different lands. That is why Swami Vivekananda eulogized in his speech in the Chicago Parliament of Religions, Hinduism as the mother of all religions. He quoted our scriptures to point out that all religions, like various rivers, ultimately merge in the ocean of divine consciousness. However, Swami Vivekananda never failed to point out that Christianity and Islam have never remained within the confines of a religion and, as political movements to conquer the world and bring the entire humanity under their heels, have perpetrated inhuman Crusades, Inquisitions and Jihads and have destroyed races and nations in various parts of the world. Nowhere in the history of the world one can point out that Hinduism and its offshoots like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism have spread at the point of sword, and nowhere in the history of the world one can point out any place where Christianity or Islam has spread without bloodshed, destruction of the local population, their culture, way of life, and their political independence. To establish the truth of this statement, one has only to go through the histories of the world written by all Christian and Muslim historians of the world. 

When Pope Paul came to India and declared that he will bring down the Kingdom of Christ here, he did not mean that the message of love, compassion and peace preached by Jesus will reign in every hearth and home, but only made it clear that the rule of the Roman Catholic Church through the Bishops, Archbishops and the army of the Catholic priests and nuns would be established all over the land. He had also made it very clear that Roman Catholic Church will not recognize any other religion, including that of the Protestants, as valid religion conferring salvation. That means, when the Kingdom of God is established by the Roman Catholic Church, all men will be subjects of the Roman Catholic Empire, and in this empire, there will not be any place for any other religion. History stands witness to the fact that Church has always been the sword arm of the European Colonialists and vice versa. 

As far as Islam is concerned, it has never been a religion. Prophet Mohammed, who started his career as a business manager of a rich lady who was much older than him and whom he made his mistress later, declared Jihad not to propagate the message of human brotherhood, unity of Godhead and universal and impersonal nature of God, but to establish the suzerainty of his Quresh tribe over all other Arab races whom he systematically annihilated and then flexed his muscles against Jews and Christians. Following his footsteps, Islam has always been after the blood, women and wealth of the Kafirs or the non-believers in the Prophet. The crude, barbarian and inhuman Islamic law prevalent in the Islamic countries even today has no parallels even in the brutish primitive life of the ancient cannibals. 

Can Hinduism co-exist with such barbaric tribal religions? Will these religions ever allow Hinduism, the way of life which is universal and man-making, to survive even in its very homeland, Bharatavarsha?  A ‘Mahatma’ could sit in a Hindu Birla Mandir and sing ‘Iswar Allah tere naam’ or ‘Yesu pitaa prabhu tuu’, but he would have been shoed out if he had tried to go and sit in a Jumma Masjid or in a Goa Church and sing these songs. Even today, we have many Swamis and spiritual leaders in the Hindu society who equate Hinduism with Christianity and Islam, but no Mulla or Bishop has ever recognized Hinduism as equal to Islam or Christianity respectively. Agents of Christian and Islamic organizations have infiltrated into many Hindu spiritual organizations to destroy them from within and make them claim to be universal and therefore non-Hindu forgetting the fact that no non-Hindu religion could ever be universal and eternal. God knows how many of the so-called God-men are in the pay rolls of underworld dons like Davood and Mamon, undermining Hinduism from within! If these underworld dons can purchase leading politicians and control political parties with their money-power, how much time they will need to purchase the so called Godmen? The average Hindu today has a tendency to blindly believe anyone donning the garb of a swami or a swamini and eulogize him or her as Godman or Godwoman and ‘Avatar’! There is a popular belief among the Hindus that the root of the rivers and root of the religious preceptors should never be probed and therefore, anyone in the ochre rob can pass into a swami or swamini irrespective of what his or her past life has been. 

When a Christian missionary enters into a tribal home in India to convert the poor and gullible people, the first thing that he does is to remove the pictures of the Hindu gods and goddesses and the traditional lamps from the pooja room and put a cross or a Jesus’ picture there. The followers of many modern Gurus do the same – removing the pictures of Gods and putting the Guru’s photo there. The traditional devotional songs are replaced with praise of the Guru or they are interpolated to eulogize the Guru. While many of the so called followers of these Gurus abandon traditional rites and rituals and festivals and pilgrimage etc., in the novel and blind methods of adoration of the modern Gurus, the so called Gurus make lot of money not by promoting religion, culture and heritage and studies of Vedas and spiritual literature, but by running Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, Technikons and even indulging in real estate business! Though the real income of these Godmen and Godwomen is unknown even to the income-tax sleuths, the pittance that they throw out in philanthropy gets wide publicity. 

There are many who claim to be Vedantins while living in the cozy comfort of palatial homes and with all luxuries and material riches in life. They can reel out pages after pages from the Upanishadic and Vedantic texts about God, World and Soul, but in their individual life, the Vedanta has no place. They are not concerned about the poverty and suffering of the downtrodden masses around them in the society, but still they will speak about the all-pervading Atman everywhere. Even when the country was under the thralldom of alien rules, we had our Vedantins amongst us who spoke of the Mukti of the soul, but never about the Mukti of the nation. And Vedantins of their ilk are still in our midst today. They have no worry about the things that are happening in the country—whether it is the large-scale conversion of their Hindu brethren by Christian Missionaries backed by the money power of the European colonialists or annihilation of the poor and hapless Hindus at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists supported by Pan-Islamic forces. Patriotism has no place in their Vedanta. “Let the country go to dogs, but we will go to Heaven through our Vedantic Sadhana”—this is their philosophy. A Hindu is a Hindu by virtue of his birth in the holy land of Bharatavarsha, his maatru bhoomi, or by being the descendent of those who have been born in this land, his pitru bhoomi, or because he has accepted the land of Bharatavarsha as his land of salvation, his dharmabhoomi, karma bhoomi and moksha bhoomi. All Gods and Goddesses like Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Shakti, Rama and Krishna and all saints and sages from Vyasa, Vasishtha and Valmiki to the modern preceptors like Ramakrishna, Dayananda and Sivananda would never have come into existence at all but for Bharatamata. If any one who calls Himself a Hindu, a Vedantin or follower of any of the Mahatmas who has been born in this land, has in his heart no love and spirit of adoration for the holy land of Bharatavarsha, he is a hypocrite and idiot. Talk of Universalism and Internationalism by such a person is just a blabbering, self-deception or deliberate deceit. Those who adore and worship all gods, goddesses except Bharatamata are unworthy to be called Hindus.  

In the modern period our country did see great Vedantins who adored and worshipped the Motherland greater than the Ultimate Reality. Rishi Bankim Chandra gave the mantra of Vande Mataram and inspired the freedom movement of Mother India. Swami Vivekananda who landed at Rameswaram after his epoch-making visit to America and Europe, took the sacred soil of Mother India and besmeared it all over his body. He wanted all vain gods and goddesses to disappear and the only God, the Motherland, to be adored. Swami Rama Tirtha identified himself with the motherland and declared, “I am India”.  Sri Aurobindo conceived of a Bhavani Mandir where the Mother Bharat will be the presiding deity. Subramania Sivam proclaimed a new religion of ‘Sri Bharati” whose path is adoration and worship of Motherland. Mahakavi Subramania Bharati once slipped and fell on the Railway platform at Kadayam, in Tirunelveli District of Tamilnadu, and when fellow travellers tried to lift him up, he asked them to keep away and joyously rolled on the ground saying that he got an opportunity to roll on the lap of his mother. “Jananee Janmabhoomischa swargaadapi gareeyasi” – “Mother and Motherland are more sacred than heaven” – declared Bhagavan Rama. Unfortunately we have in our midst the so called secular Hindus who question the necessity to build a temple for that very Rama in his sacred birth place of Ayodhya in this holy land of Bharatavarsha! Perhaps the blood that flows in their veins carries the genes of those who were stooges of the Muslim rulers or the British Imperialists in the dark days of India.  May God save our sacred hand from these so called secularist politicians and the bogus Vedantins who speak about universal brotherhood and world religion without the least love and adoration for their own motherland! It is time for us to install in every Hindu home Bharatamata as the Supreme Deity and convert all other gods and goddesses to parivaara devatas or secondary deities.

Vande Mataram! 

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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