Mother Bharat is Ratna Garbha. She has borne in Her womb gems of Raja Rishis and Brahma Rishis who have given us the Sanatana Dharma – the Eternal Values of Life. Long before the dawn of history, She had laid scattered all over the globe Her message on the right way of life for mankind to evolve out of animal nature to Divine existence. Hence, She is aptly addressed as the Loka Guru.  

From time immemorial, Mother India’s children have travelled to distant lands carrying Her message. The religions of the world are but the different expressions of the most sacred and ancient thoughts propounded by Her seers and sages.  

Not only the great preceptors of the land, but even the common people who went abroad for commerce or for eking out their living, have been the messengers of the culture and heritage of their Motherland. More than one and a quarter of century back the children of Bharat went across the Indian Ocean to South Africa and other countries in the African continent and even still earlier to remote islands like Mauritius and Reunion, as indentured labour. Having been enslaved for ever with no hope of return to their beloved Motherland, their life proved to be hard, painful, agonizing and full of desperation. Yet, even in these moments of utter gloom and dense darkness, the eternal spiritual values inherited from their forefathers, which happened to be the only inalienable and invaluable treasure that they had carried with them, lit the light of hope, salvation and redemption in the hearts of these pure and innocent men and women. They cherished these values and did everything to preserve them in the midst of suppression, oppression and the onslaught of alien cultures.  

Today the vestiges of the old colonial government in these countries are crumbling. South Africa is in turmoil and is sure to emerge out of its present dark period through a painful but inevitable process.  Mauritius, however, is an independent nation. Reunion will not take a long time to follow the path of her sister island, though economic reasons hold her back. But, in all these countries, the savants of Hindu culture in the modern period have laid strong foundations for building up edifices for the protection and preservation of our age-old heritage and values to nourish and nurture the coming generations who have almost lost contact with the glorious and great Motherland of their forefathers. The Divine Life Society, Arya Samaj, Ramakrishna Movement, Chinmaya Mission, Human Service Trust and all such institutions in these countries are playing a very significant role in moulding the social, religious and spiritual life of the Hindus settled there.  

Mother Mayee of Kanyakumari willed one of her son to go abroad to play a humble role in the mighty and gigantic work of the spiritual and religious leaders there. That was fulfilled when their writer visited Sought Africa on an invitation from Swami Sahajananda of Divine Life Society of South Africa who was instrumental in enabling this humble messenger of Mother Bharat to reach out to the Hindu brethren in the distant land. A glimpse of what this humble servant of Mayee experienced and what he could give as unforgettable experiences to his brethren there is presented in these page of this Second Annual Issue of TATTVA DARSANA.  

That even a humble squirrel could play a role in building up a great bride holds out the hope that, if the leaders of the Hindu society all over the world are awakened out of their deep slumber in their narrow shells and are united as one man, the grand dream of a global Hindu consolidation could be achieved in no time.  

The Spirit of Mother India is awakened and She is bound to achieve this goal, for the sake of the entire humanity, in the days to come.  


Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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