The Sanskrit word Bhaga means, among other things, righteousness, discipline, wisdom and self-realization. One who is endowed with all these is Bhagavan. He shines as a supreme example to the common run to elevate themselves from the mortal human existence to an Immortal Divine Life. Mahatmas of this Holy Land of Bharatavarsha, through ages, have been beacon lights to the entire humanity and have often been eulogised as manifestations of the various Gods and Goddesses symbolically representing the Divine Forces in our scriptures. The basic tenet of Hindu Dharma is that the Ultimate Reality from which everything arises, by which everything is sustained and into which everything merges, is a nameless, formless Truth — Existence-Consciousness-Force. All are Its manifestations. The purpose of human birth is to free ourselves from the shackles of animal instincts and to raise ourselves through a moral and ethical life to a higher spiritual realm to seek our identity with that Ultimate Reality which is our real Self. The Mahatmas who are also called Acharyas as they set example through their own Acharana or conduct, are to be ‘followed’ and not merely to be adored and worshipped. But the stupid and ignorant sycophants who pose themselves as ‘devotees’, blinded by superstitious belief, hope that even without giving up their narrow, selfish and mean pursuits, without upholding character, integrity and discipline in personal life, and without practice of rigorous spiritual sadhana, they can still get the Divine Grace of the Masters and thereby material comforts too in their mundane life by simply clinging around the Mahatmas, flattering them and also lavishing their ill-gotten wealth in so called acts of piety and devotion. 

The genuine preceptors always keep themselves at a distance from these psuedo-devotees and charlatans. Very often, they roam about like beggars and vagabonds or live in seclusion, free from publicity and glamour. But there are umpteen number of imposters parading themselves as Gurus, Godmen and Avataras with miraculous powers of healing and conferring mundane, material pleasures on the devotees, exploiting the ignorance and stupidity of the selfish sychophants and seeking name and fame. Of course, some genuine seekers in distress also fall an easy prey to these unscrupulous sharks in the so called religious field and it takes some time for them to realize their sad mistake and retrace their steps.  

Those who sincerely aspire for a noble and higher life need not run after Gurus and Godmen, for the real ‘Guru’ will come to them when they are ripe to receive His Grace. The first and foremost requisite of a religious and spiritual life is to live a pure, humble, simple and disciplined life free from all narrow, selfish interests and devoted to serving all beings around oneself. Those who cannot do this can never in their lifetime hope to receive Divine Grace. Without doing this, even if one goes to a thousand temples, synagogues, churches or mosques, worship hundred thousand gods and goddesses, read all the scriptures of the world and run after all spiritual leaders, one will never attain salvation. Spiritual life is not giving up one’s duties and responsibilities to one’s own kith and kin, to the society, nation and humanity. As Sri Ramakrishna says, “Every Jiva is Shiva” and as his illustrious disciple, Swami Vivekananda proclaims, “Service to humanity is worship of God”.  

Our Motherland, Bharatavarsha, is the Land of Light, Wisdom and Salvation. The way of life presented by the most ancient rishis of this land is universal. Hindu Dharma is Sanatana Dharma or eternal way of life and is also Manava Dharma, meant for the entire humanity. Love and devotion to this sacred land is the highest path of self-realisation. Even Lord Rama proclaimed: Jananee janmabhoomischa swargaadapi gareeyasi – “Mother and Motherland are more sacred than the Heavens!” And without patriotism, spirituality is a sham hypocrisy.  

Do not equate Sanatana Dharma or Hindu Dharma with narrow sectarian religions and ways of worship prescribed by any prophet or scripture which proclaims fanatically and fundamentalistically that “this is the only path, this is the only god, this is the only saviour or this is the only scripture”. A Hindu never denigrates any spiritual path, scripture or prophet, but rejects the venom of fundamentalism and calls out: Aa no bhadraa ritavo yantu viswatah — “Let all noble thoughts come from all corners of the world!” When the Hindu race accomplishes its God-given task – Krin vanto viswam aaryam — “Let us civilize the entire world!” – all religions of the world will become part and parcel of Sanatana Dharma and the entire world will be one family – Vasudaiva kutumbakam.  

This is the message that my deeksha guru YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR inspires me to deliver to my brethren on the eve of His 80th Jayanti and on the eve of this sadhu’s forthcoming fifth tour abroad to serve the cause of my Master and my Motherland.  

BHAGAVAN YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR is undoubtedly one of the greatest Mahatmas of Modern India. His very simple and austere life, His love of all mankind, His deep respect and regard for all saints and Mahatmas, and above all His constant Nama Japa Sadhana are things that are to be emulated by those who claim to be His devotees. The greatest tribute that we pay to this Great Master is to walk on the path set by Him and not mere encomiums, flatteries, fanfares and publicities. May His Grace enable us to live up to His expectations!  

Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! 

Aum Namo Bhagavate Yogi Ramsuratkumaraya! 

Vande Mataram! 

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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