Srimati Indira Ghandhi is no more. She died a martyr’s death to uphold the integrity of mother India. The sacred flame that consumed her frail physical frame has extinguished, but the flame of patriotism that she kindled glows shedding light around. Her mortal remains have been buried under the snow falls of the Himalayan’s but her glory raises above the snowy peaks.  

Mother Indira came from a family of patriots. Following the footstep of her illustrious father she led the country through thick and thin and enabled India to rise to an honorable position among the nations of the world. Though many a times her policies and programs especially with regard to matters concerning the home front, where subjected to severe criticism by the opposition parties and leaders at home, none ever suspected her concern for the people and the country. She will ever remain in the hearts of the millions of people of this nation and those of the world community who have looked at her with the deep admiration. 

Now, the fact of her assassination posses her genuine question. Where have our tall talks of “secularism led us?” the very intension of the authors of the ideas of secularism was to create a nation of where all religions will enjoy equal respect and regard. Where people will have freedom of worship and where there will be no discrimination on the basis of religion. But then, they forget the fact that these ideals could be achieved only if this nation remained a Hindu Rashtra, for it is the Hindu way of life which upholds the freedom of ever individual to practice any religion and also assures that all religions lead to same goal. 

Like Zorastrianism and Judaism, Islam and Christianity had also entered into Hindustan – The land of Hindu – long before the Muslim and European invasion on this land, The great Hindu king’s and emperors of this land patronized these religions too, gave land to build churches synagogues and Mosques and allowed them to grow along with other religions of this land. The fore fathers of those who were converted to these religions which came from outside where Hindus and even after conversion to those faiths, they never felt that they were other than Hindus. But, during the invasion of the land by Muslims from outside and consequent large scale and forcible conversion of the natives into Islam, the Muslims were made to believe that they were different from the Hindus who fought against invaders so also when the Europeans imperialists established their rule in this land they made the Christian converts believe that they were different from the Hindus and the Muslims who fought against the invaders. Thus Hindu nationalism was reduced to religion and all those who stood for the Hindu nation and the glorious values of this land where classified as adherence of Hindu religion. Islam and Christianity were pitted against this Hindu spirit. 

These divide and rule game worked well to perpetuate the imperialist designs of the invaders for sometime. But when the country rose and fought against British the last of the alien imperialists, our leaders failed to impress upon the people that irrespective of their religious professions, people of this land are Hindus and  “ Hindu’ is not a name of the religion but of our nationality. Instead they talked of a new nation to be built by different people settled in this land.  What were the dangerous results of this thought less action; as soon as this country attained independence a large chunk of our land broke away as a separate nation. Enthused by the success of the one religious group in creating their own nation, the Christians planned a christianistan in north east and hence the problems of Nagaland and Mizoram have arisen. Not only religious groups but people speaking a language called themselves a separate ethnic group and demanded a separate nation. Fortunately, good sense has prevailed upon them and they have given up separatist demand. But now a group of people belonging to the Sikh community, which has been a part and parcel of Hindu society and whose khalsa itself was formed for the protection of Hindu culture and nationalism, today demands a separate khalistan and they are directly influenced by the group which has already created a separate nation. 

Secularism, which means anti religion or irreligion, can’t unite the people of this land. The pampering of the so called minorities in the name of secularism will only lead to further vivisection of this land.  There is no minority and majority community in India. All f us are Hindus, Bharatiyas or Indians by Nationality, Our religious community include saivites, Saktas, Vaishnavites, Bauddha, Jainas, Sikhs and Parsees, Which each one is a minority when compared to others put together. Then why group only those communities whose religions are in this land and dub them as a majority community and give an artificial status, to those whose religions are born outside India?  Is it for the sin that they respect and reverse this land: The land of their forefathers, sages and saints: as their Punyabhoomi, Karma bhoomi and Mokshaboomi and accept the universal philosophy propped by the sages and Seers? In the name of secularism, are we not perpetuating a separatist mentality in the minds of the so called minorities? 

It is the high time we built up the nationalism on firm foundation of the age old spiritual culture of the land known by the glorious name ‘Hindu” and declare this national a Hindu Rashtra. All those who born in this land who respect and reverse the values of life that have sprung up in this land and own the universal and spiritual outlook and cultural heritage of this land and Hindus. It is immaterial whether they worship Krishna, Rama, Siva, Sheathe, Buddha , Mahaveera, alla or Jesus, But al are Hindu’s as long as they love the motherland and owe allegiance to the unity and integrity of the nation. There are patriotic Muslim and Christian who accept this truth. 

Our pseudo – Secularism has cost us the life of mahatma Ghandhi, Immediately after the independence, now after 37 years of the strict adherence to it we have lost one more precious life, Srimati Indira Ghandhi, who was supposed to be a strong advocate of the secularism. 

At least now let us give up this slogan of secularism and declare India a Hindu Rashtra and stress the truth that all the children of our motherland are Hindus first, Sivas, saivas, Saktas, Vaishnavites, Buddha, Jainas, Sikhs, Christians, Muslim etc  next. This is the only way in which we can fulfill the dreams of those who gave up their lives for building a united and powerful nation ‘’ The Bharata Varsha OR Hindustan ‘. Srimati Indira Gandhi’s Martyrdom sheds new light on the path that we have to take and let us think and decide now. 

Author – Professor Sadhu Rangarajan 1985

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