The Constitution of India, indeed, guarantees the right of every Christian to dismiss all geological and anthropological theories and firmly ‘believe’, in accordance to the Septuagint, the Greek version of the Bible, that Father in the Heaven created the world and man in 4004 BC, that there is going to be a deluge at the end of this millennium, and that Christ will come again in flesh and blood to save and take to heaven the ‘faithful sheep’ and to cast into hell the non-believers. It also guarantees the right of every Mussalman to ‘believe’ that it is Allah alone who is the Creator and God and that it is Prophet Mohammed alone who is His Messenger and the last Prophet on whose recommendation alone the faithful Mussalmans will be admitted into the heaven and that the rest of humanity will be cast into hell. No one can question the right of a fool to ‘believe’ that he is the greatest genius of the world. It is also his fundamental right to consider his toilet as his kitchen. But it becomes a different matter when one tries to impose one’s belief on others by using force, coercion, dubious means, violence and persecution. 

Hinduism has been the only tolerant way of life which has openly admitted the freedom of every individual to pursue his or her religion as he or she conceives. Therefore, since times immemorial, Hindutwa has accepted all genuine religious pursuits as different streams leading to One Ultimate Spiritual Experience. Bharat, the land of the Hindus, has given refuge and protection to all those who have been driven out of their homelands by religious bigots. The Parsis and the Jews still feel grateful to the Hindus of India who gave them shelter when they were driven out of their lands by the Mussalmans and Christians, centuries ago. Hinduism is not founded on blind and superstitious beliefs like that of a Father in the Heaven sitting up above in the sky, whom Neil Armstrong failed to meet and say ‘hallo!’ while on his way to and fro the moon. Even a rustic Hindu knows that Vaikunta or Kailasa, the highest emperium mentioned in Hindu mythology, is in the heart and the all-pervasive God resides in him as his own self. Long before Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Einstein and the modern scientists like Stephen Hawking discovered the mysteries of the universe, these grand scientific and rational truths were recorded in the Vedas which originated about 10,000 years ago. They also spoke about the nameless, formless, Ultimate Reality which was conceived by wise men in different names and forms to help humanity realize its destiny. And when they spoke, they never resented any voice of dissent. Even the crass materialistic and sensual philosophy of the Charvaka was allowed to be voiced and it was confronted only on the basis of reason and logic and defeated. No Galileo was persecuted by any church of the Hindus, no Bruno was put on spike and no Inquisition against the voice of dissent took place here as it happened in Spain and Portugal. That is the glorious history of the Hindus of India through ages. The Jeheds against the Kafirs who did not accept Prophet Mohammed and Allah, the imposition of Jezia, demolition of temples and places of learning, abduction and rape of women and inhuman massacre of even innocent children marked the spread of Islam in India during the Muslim period.  

The history of persecution of the Hindus in the name of religion continued during the period of European domination over this land, when Christian Missionaries brought from the West perpetrated the most heinous crimes with the help of their colonial masters. Even those who got forcibly converted to Christianity, but retained their Hindu customs and practices, were considered renegades. The only remedy known to the missionaries for such renegades was Inquisition. Yes, many have heard about the Inquisition that took place in Spain and Portugal, but very few know that it also took place on the Indian soil. The toll it took in terms of torture, torn limbs, burning at the stake and languishing in jails for a life time is documented by A.K. Priolkar in The Goa Inquisition.  

Swami Ranganathananda, President of the Ramakrishna Math, while referring to the spread of Buddhism, points out: “ Unlike Christianity and Islam, the spread of Buddhism has been singularly characterized by a spirit of peace and non-violence. This is undoubtedly due to the influence of Indian thought wherein Buddhism has its roots and from which it has sprung. Christianity and Islam, on the other hand, have followed a relentless course of destruction and persecution with the ostensible purpose of ‘saving’ the ‘damned souls’.” Regarding the most heinous campaign of hatred that Christians carried on against Hindus, Swami Vivekananda says with pain and agony in his heart: “What have the Hindus done to these disciples of Christ that every Christian child is taught to call the Hindus ‘Vile’ and ‘Wretches’, and the most horrible devils on earth? Part of the Sunday school education for children here consists in teaching them to hate everybody who is not a Christian, and the Hindus especially, so that from their very childhood they may subscribe their pennies to the Missions.” And he further says: “Look again at the books, published in Madras against the Hindu religion. If a Hindu writes one such line against the Christian religion, the Missionaries will cry fire and vengeance.” 

Has this persecution of the Hindus in the name of religion ceased in Free India? The Muslim fundamentalists created a separate nation for themselves on the Indian soil, but even after creating Pakistan, did they allow the Hindus who form the majority community in Hindusthan to live in peace for a single night? What is happening in Kashmir? Millions of Kashmiri Pundits have been driven out of the Kashmir Valley and they are now refugees in their own motherland! When the ISI and its stooges have been constantly eliminating the Hindus in Hindusthan by creating riots, exploding bombs and indulging in killings, our pseudo-secularist politicians speak only of the human rights of the criminals who have been hauled up for these offences. When the ISI is sending its trained militants to explode bombs in major cities, and even the innocent Muslims in Kashmir who do not toe their lines are exterminated by them, our ‘secularists’ want us to play Cricket with Pakistan to solve our problems! 

The Christian Missionaries have not lagged behind in contributing their share to set India on fire. Millions of tribals in Nagaland and Mizoram have been driven out of their states to convert these states into cent per cent Christian States, the nucleus for a future ‘Christianistan’. In order to carry out the global  plan of Vatican “to give Jesus Christ the two thousandth birthday gift of a world more Christian than not,” they have made India the prime target. Consequent to the advancement of science and technology, Christianity is now being wiped out of the entire European and American continents and the deserted church buildings are sold to non-Christian organizations. At this juncture, the Christian Missions have no other go but to turn to African and Asian countries to fish converts to fulfil their goal. India, with its traditional inclination to religion and spirituality and with a vast population of poor and downtrodden masses including the tribals, is found to be a fertile ground for large scale conversions. The speed with which the Missionary activities have been spreading is matched only by the money and the man-power that is pouring into this country from Christian Evangelical organizations all over the world. This onslaught of the evangelists have shaken the very foundations of the social life of the tribals, broken the families and disturbed the peaceful and harmonious life in the villages. 

The events that have occurred recently in Gujarat and other places are only a reaction of the clan-conscious tribal people against the outrageous activities of the missionaries to destroy the unity among them and to wipe out their age old customs and practices which they have cherished through centuries. The evangelists who walk into a tribal village lift up the idols of the tribal deities from their temple and break them in front of the tribals to prove that the tribal gods cannot even protect themselves and ‘Jesus alone saves’. But if the tribal in turn breaks the head or leg of the missionary to see whether ‘Jesus really saves the faithful’ and ‘makes the lame walk’, certainly it is a crime before law. And when such unfortunate events take place, the anti-national and pseudo-secular forces in the country join hands with the Christian Missionaries  to condemn the entire Hindu society and particularly those organizations and institutions that strive for Hindu unity and for the protection of Hindu dharma as perpetrators of crime against the ‘minorities’. The media, inside and outside the country, which is well under the thumb of the Christian and Islamic money power, set up a massive propaganda all over the world that under the governance of a Hindu nationalist party in India, the minorities all over the country are annihilated ruthlessly! 

Let the Christians believe that Jesus will return to Jerusalem on January 1, 2000, and let them all contact Brother David, the 58-year old American, a native of Syracuse, New York, who is, according to recent news paper reports, renting out apartments on the Mount of Olives in Israel-occupied East Jerusalem to the believers who want to be near Jesus when he comes. But they have no right to thrust their stupid beliefs on innocent tribals and convert them enmasse by hook or crook, especially by exploiting their poverty and hunger. The Muslims have got every right to believe that Allah alone is God, but no one has a right to declare Jehad to convert the ‘infidels’ to Islam and annihilate the non-believers, accepting the dictum, “I have been commanded by Allah to fight the unbelievers until they believe in Allah and His Prophet and follow the laws of Islam” (Sahih Tirmzi, Vol.2: 192). Such dictums have no place in this land of the Hindus, the land of Dharma and Universal Acceptance. 

There is nothing wrong in the Hindu brethren striving to bring back those who were lured, misguided or forcibly converted to narrow fundamentalist religions. Mahatma Gandhi says: “Most cases of mass conversion, of which we have heard so much during the past two years, have been to my mind false coin. I would therefore unhesitatingly readmit to the Hindu fold all such repentants without much ado.” Swami Vivekananda has also pointed out: “And then every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less, but an enemy the more. Again the vast majority of Hindu perverts to Islam and Christianity are perverts by the sword or the descendants of these.” 

Christian conversion activity is not a religious activity, but it is a political move of the World Council of Churches and International Christian Council. The Christian Participation in Nation-Building, Chapter 3, Christian Participation in Political Life, asserts: “The gospel of Christ cannot in intention be non-political. It is the proclamation of the kingship of Jesus Christ over all the areas of life of mankind, a kingship which today is seen and declared by faith, but will be openly manifested at the end of times… Christians have a real concern for a political order which guarantees religious freedom — the freedom of evangelism and of conversion.” 

And the Christianity that the evangelists want to preach is not the Christianity of Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph and Mary, who came to India and lived from the age of 13 to 29, studying in Puri, Rajgir and in the Tibetan monasteries in the Himalayas the Hindu Vedanta and Tantric Buddhism, who followed the philosophy of the Isha Nath Panthis (Essenes) and the Theraputta Buddhists (Therapeuts), who returned to Jerusalem to preach Hindu Yoga, who was attempted to be crucified but who escaped and fled to India, and who settled down in Kashmir and attained Mahasamadhi there. Life of that Jesus is well-recorded by eminent historians, research scholars and writers like Nicholas Notovitch, Swami Abhedananda, Paul Brunton, Andreas Faber-Kaiser, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qaiyam, Levi, Prof. G.L. Christe and many others. That Jesus  who embraced Hinduism and died as a Hindu in India was blacked out from the Biblical version of Jesus’s life and was replaced by a new Christ created by St. Paul — a Christ who died helplessly on the cross crying out “Oh Father, why hast thou abandoned me!” — a Christ who died to redeem the sinners of the past, present and future! This Christ was created to protect the Paulian Churchianity which put on the robe of Christianity and it is this Christianity of the imperialist and colonialist forces that is masquerading as a religion. 

Hindus in India today are awake to face this challenge. May be some ‘secularist-Hindus’ whom the Christians and Muslims have found as fitting stooges are still under the veil of ‘Maya’ spread by the Islamic and European rule of this country during the last one thousand years. They are yet to enjoy the taste of real freedom in Free India and hence crave only for foreign Masters or Mistresses to lead them. But the emergence of Chatrapati Shivajis, Rana Prataps and Guru Gobinds in the present Hindu society will change the entire history of this holy land. The day the Hindus in this Hindu Rashtra will assert their rights to preserve their hoary and universal spiritual culture and heritage and to elevate Mother India to the position of the preceptor of the world is not far off. Conversion is not merely a religious challenge to the Hindu society, but it is a political challenge to the unity and integrity of the Hindu Nation, that is India, that is Bharat, and Hindus are capable of facing this challenge!  

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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