Bharat, the Land of Light, is the sacred land where, long before the dawn of civilization in other parts of the world, human evolution reached its perfection in all aspects of line and produced the supreme ideals to be emulated by the rest of the world. Therefore, this land came to be eulogized as the preceptor of the world. Whether in the subtleties of science or religion, in quantum physics or metaphysics, in trade and commerce or art and architecture, in politics, and administration or highest spiritual attainments, the world had to sit at the feet of this Holy Mother Bharat in the ancient days. But the onslaught of time created havoc and this land of light had to plunge in to periods of darkness, slavery and foreign domination. 

Thanks to the efforts of pioneering monks, sages and seers of the modern age like Rishi Bankin, Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekanda, Sister Nivedita, Mahakvi Bharati and Mahatma Gandhi, this land has once again attained the status of Swatantra Bharat and today She is facing the world once again as the prestine mother of culture and human values. The whole world, shaken badly with the threat of nuclear and star wars and the blind march of science and materialism to the extent of annihilating human values, looks to Mother Bharat for light and guidance to come out of the encircling gloom. 

But the conditions in our own country today are far from congenial to give hope and assurance to the yearning world. On the one side, erosion of the universal and sacred values of life cherished and fostered by the great sages and saints of this land on the other hand, the bulldozer power of poverty, unemployment, corruption, divisive tendencies and political distintegration pose a grave threat to the very foundations of our national life. 

The only way out of this chaotic situation is to reinstil in the hearts of people immense faith and confidence in the possibilities of building up once again a virile national life with the two-fold goal proclaimed by our seers, viz., material well being of the country and spiritual enlightenment of the people. 

This herculean task could be a success only if our genius in the social, political, economic and scientific fields surrender totally and true to the spirit of Bharatavarsha, to the supremely unselfish and absolutely self-abganating spiritual leadership of the land. For this it is high time that our spiritual leaders who are not bound by the barriers of caste, creed and community, come together to give their guidance to the people of this land. The people must also, in turn, repose their unstinted faith and confidence in our spiritual leadership and accept only such leaders in all other walks of life who go by the guidances of our selfless spiritual masters. A valueless society led by a valueless leadership will always end up only in total annihilation and ruin. Once the society stands as one man to uphold higher values of life, no leadership which is not guided by the spiritual forces can manipulate the masses to install itself in temporal power and exploit the country for their personal selfish interests. 

The plan ahead of us crystal clear: 

Bring all spiritual leaders under one umbrella to provide succor and inspiritation to people. 

Bring all people under the benign patronage and protection of selfless and self –abnegating spiritual leaders. 

This is the right royal way to establish Rama Rajya once again in this sacred land –Rama Rajya which all our modern saints and sages have been dreaming. This is the Message and Mission of Yogi Ramasuratkumar, the illustrious God-Child of Thiruvannamalai, who claims three great spiritual giants –Sri Aurobindo, Maharshi Ramana and Swami Ramdas –as his three Fathers and who calls himself a “Beggar” with no special message of his own to deliver, but striving to spread the Message which has already been given by great saints like Swami Vivekanda, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Rama Tirtha and many others –the Message of Spiritual Nationalism — the Message of Akhanda Bharat – the Message of Ramachandra Mahaprabhu: 

Jananee Janmabhoomischa 

Swargaadapi gareeyasi 

“Mother and Motherland are More sacred than the Heaven.”  

As true sons of this glorious land inheritors of a sacred heritage, let us rededicate ourselves to these lofty goals and surrender at the feet of the Holy Sage, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, who stands as a living symbol of the universal spiritual brotherhood and the nationalism that elevates us to aspire for the higher ideal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the World Family  — and to become humble instruments of the Almighty! Hearken to the call of the Yogi! 

Vande Mataram! 

Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! 

Aum Namo Bhagavate Yogi Ramasuratkuraraya! 

Jai Maa!  Jai  Jagat

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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