Sacrifice at the Altar of Truth

Mother India is not merely the land of religion and spirituality, but of science and reason too. Long before the dawn of scientific ideas in the West and the rest of the world, Bharatavarsha produced the greatest scientists of the world. Rishi Viswamitra was the first and foremost scientist who discovered the great truth that Sun is the source of an energy that sustains this world and gave us the Gayatri mantra which encompasses science and metaphysics in it.  

There has never been a divorce between science and spirituality in this land. Rather our ancestors showed us the path to the highest realization of the Ultimate Reality through science. Unlike Semetic religions, our Vedas never posited the existence of a Father or a Creator in the Heaven up above the sky, waiting for the Day of Judgement when He will raise all the dead from the graves and despatch them to either Heaven or Hell depending upon their belief or non-belief In Him or His Messiahs. Such irrational and idiotic conceptions never paraded themselves as spiritual ideals in our Vaidic Sanatana Dharma. On the other hand, our Dharma emphasised the truth that all that we see around are nothing but the manifestation of a Consciousness Force and man, who is in the pinnacle of evolution, has in him the supreme power to realize his oneness with that Ultimate Reality. It was on the basis of this grand perception of Truth that our ancestors evolved various ways of ‘sadhana’ or spiritual practices to enable man to achieve the supreme goal of evolution, i.e. Realization of oneself.  

All our rituals, forms of worship and other religious practices are to help man to come out of his bondage to the world of senses and attachment to the ephemeral objects of experience. Without understanding this, people take to these very same rituals, forms of worship and Spiritual practices for the fulfillment of all their base animal instincts, sensual desires and selfish material pursuits, taking for granted that God or Parameswara of the Hindus Is as much like the Semetic gods who are jealous, who are pleased by flattery and offerings, and who confer all benefits on their selfish devotees who act like the stooges of a powerful master. Our ancestors gave us the concepts of various gods and goddesses as symbolic representations of the various facets of that Ultimate Consciousness-Force in order to enable us to concentrate on any of those forms suited to our inborn aptitudes and temperaments in our efforts to realize it through our spiritual sadhana. Deification of these gods and goddesses, observance of rituals and other spiritual practices were evolved by our ancestors not as ridiculous superstitious nonsense with ulterior motives, but symbolic exercises to elevate us from the mundane to the spiritual realm. Unfortunately today, when human mind has flowered into the highest Scientific Wisdom) and achievements in the field of technology has turned the whole world into a wonderland. In this most ancient land of science and wisdom the Semetic type of superstitions, rituals and blind beliefs are masquerading as spirituality. When the West advanced in science and technology they discarded the Semetic conceptions of God, Heaven and religion and turned to the Wisdom of the East. But the children of Mother Bharat, embracing the discarded western Semetic concepts are trying to make a mockery of our religion and culture. Our ancestors wanted the children of Mother Bharat to show light to the entire world. But our people, instead of carrying our light to the entire world, are trying to extinguish it in this very land of Light! What an irony!!  

We have in our midst the so-called sadhus and swamis, some of whom are weIl-versed in the shastras and our ancient scriptures, who know intellectually all the grand truths proclaimed in the Vedas and Upanishads, but do not have that courage or conviction of swami Vivekananda, Swami Ramatirtha, Sri Aurobindo, Sister Nivedita or Mahakavi Subramania Bharati to condemn the ignorance and superstition flourishing in the religious field. They try to take advantage of these conditions for pecuniary gains, to build up ashrams with palatial comforts and material pleasures. It is high time for us to get the Hindu Society released from the clutches of these Criminals who operate to reduce man into an animal. The only way to achieve this is to spread scientific and rational knowledge of our hoary culture and spiritual heritage. Our brave and dynamic Hindu youth in India and abroad thirst for this scientific and rational knowledge leading to spiritual wisdom. Only individuals and institutions that are prepared to sacrifice themselves at the Altar of Truth can enable these buds to flower into fragrant roses spreading the aroma of this Holy Land all over the World. May Paramatma stand by such devout souls! 

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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