To call a Hindu a communalist or fanatic is as blashphemous and idiotic as to call Mahatma Gandhi an advocate of violence. A Hindu believes that all religions are true, all Gods are but different names and forms of One Ultimate Reality and all places of worship are sacred abodes of the One and Only God. Otherwise it could not have been possible in the history of this glorious nation that the Arabs and the Europeans who came as refugees could find a generous patron in the Hindu who allowed them to set up their mosques, churches, synagogues and places of worship on this sacred soil which is adored by him as the manifestation of his Divine Mother and every inch of which is holy to him. Chhatrapati Shivaji, the founder of the Hindu Pada Padshahi, who constantly fought against the Moghul invaders, issued a decree that if a copy of Quoran was found in the battle-field, abandoned by the fleeing Muslim foes, it must be taken and carried with all honour to a mosque and preserved there. He gave Inams (grants) to Mosques, he had Muslim commandants, and he adored Muslim women too as his own mothers. The great Hindu spiritual leaders of the renaissance and reformation movements attracted a number of Muslims and Christians as their followers, but they never tried to convert any into their faith, for they accepted all forms of worship as true. 

A Hindu is one who adores and worships this sacred land of Bharatavarsha as his punyabhoomi, karmabhoomi and mokshabhoomi and respects and regards all the eternal values of life that have sprung up in this holy land. It is immaterial whether he believes or not in a personal god and worships Him in this form or that. Hindu is synonym of Bharatiya or Indian. Sri Aurobindo called Hindu religion as India religion and declared Sanatana Dharma as Indian Nationalism. Here the border line between religion and nationalism is non-existent. India that is Bharat or Hindu Rashtra is a spiritual nation and the western concept of “secularism” has no place on this sacred soil. 

The foreign marauders who invaded this land attempted to destroy our nationalism by demolishing our ancient and glorious temples, desecrating the sacred pilgrim centres and centres of learning and forcibly converting our people into their religious faiths. It was thus that the sacred abodes of Lord Sri Rama at Ayodhya, Lord Sri Krishna at Mathura, and Lord Shri Viswanatha at Kashi and scores of such temples and places of worship all over the country were systematically destroyed by the aggressors and their descendants. Even the Europeans who came in the later days did not spare our temples as is evident from the destruction of Vedapureeswara temple at Pondicherry and Kapaleeswara Temple at Mylapore and the setting up of churches in those places. 

After a long and protracted struggle when the country was about to attain its independence, those whose forefathers were forcibly converted to alien religion by foreign aggressors and who foolishly owed their allegiance to those aggressors, considered themselves quite different from the Hindus, the children of this land, and therefore demanded vivisection of this Motherland in which they could see no divinity. Some unscrupulous politicians who also did not value the sacred sentiments of Hindu nationalism, whose thought and way of life were mostly influenced by alien culture, and who had their own political ambitions in Free India, played a nasty game in agreeing to the partition at the teeth of opposition from staunch patriots like Veer Savarkar and saintly personalities like Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo. After the partition, these power-mongering politicians did not hesitate to denigrate the Hindu Nationalist, Veer Savarkar, whose patriotism and sacrifice for the cause of the country was no less than all that of other freedom fighter of this land, as a communalist and fanatic. They ever implicated him in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in order to destroy the cause of Hindu Nationalism that he espoused. But the Divine Mother Bharat protected her valiant son in the moment of his trial. 

Four decades have passed since then and the Hindu society which has been lying low all these days has now woken up to reassert its right on this sacred soil. The attempt to rebuild the Rama temple at Ayodhya is just the beginning of the reassertion of Hindu Nationalism. The demolition of a structure which stood as a mark of humiliation and suffering of the Hindu society for centuries cannot and should not be viewed as destruction of anybody’s place of worship of crores of Hindus and what stood there on the top of the abode of Ramlala was not a mosque but an edifice set up by an alien aggressor to denigrate Hindu Nationalism. How dare one call it a mosque which is a place of worship? 

In any case, the name of Rama is today integrating the whole nation. Rama is the symbol of Hindu or Indian Nationalism. In this country there are many people who, though Muslims and Christians by faith, consider themselves Hindus by nationality. They are proud of the Hindu heritage of their forefathers and they revere Rama as much as they revere Allah or Christ. To them, “Vande Mataram” is a Taraka Mantra which kindles the spirit of adoration and worship of their beloved Motherland in their heart. There are even foreigners who adore this land as the Land of their Salvation. It is only those who are not prepared to accept this emerging national spirit of Bharatavarsha who dub the patriotic Hindu forces as communalist and fanatics. These dirty politicians want to keep the Muslims and Christians in this country away from the main stream of our national life so that they can always count upon the vote banks of these so-called ‘minority’ communities for their nefarious political ends. And it is they who have contributed to the growth of terrorism and anti-national activities that we see in this country today. In a nation, how can there be “majorities” and “minorities” among the citizens? All are children of this soil and the citizenship rights of all should be equal. No special privileges could be given to anybody based on their religion. When Vali accused Rama of interference in the affairs of the Vanaras, Lord Rama replied: 

Ikshwaakoonaam iyam bhoomih sasaila vana kaananaa 

Mrigapakshi manushyaanaam nigrahapragrahaavapi 

‘This is the land of the Ikswakoos, with all its mountains, woods and forests, and the Law of Dharma to chastise or cherish the citizens in one for all, whether they be beast, bird or man!’ Why then should there be a separate civil code for one community? Why special status for a State where they are in majority? Why special rights and privileges in the name of ‘minorities’? 

Those who feel themselves closer to the people in Pakistan, Arab countries or European countries than to their own brethren in this Hindu Nation must seek the citizenship of the land of their likings and dreams and leave this country instead of trying to create pockets in this country. Every Hindu child born in this land has its natural right to strive to bring back that glorious Hindu Rashtra on this sacred soil and no force, no constitution, no authority and no power on earth could crush it. Hindus have faced thousands of trials and tribulations in the centuries past in this effort and now they are in the last lap of their struggle to win and hoise once again the Saffron Flag atop the Himalayas, the crown of Bharata Mata.  

Rama is not merely a God of worship to the Hindus. He is the symbol of Hindu integration which is the real national integration. He is also the personification of all that is good in humanity. If the Muslim Nation of Indonesia can adore Rama as a hero and celebrate Ramayana Festival in that country, considering the fact that their forefathers were all descendants of the Hindu race and they belonged to the glorious culture of Bharatavarsha, every citizen living in this sacred land, to whichever class, community or creed he may belong, could and should accept Rama as our National Hero. The demand for setting up of the Rama Mandir at Ramajanmabhoomi is not a communal issue, but it is a question of the honour and dignity of this nation. Those who demand it are true nationalists and those who oppose it, to whichever religion they may belong, are anti-national, selfish, power-hungry political forces which will dig their own grave very soon. Rama is personification of Truth and Truth will ultimately win – Satyameva jayate naanrutam

On this auspicious occasion of Ramanavami, let all Hindus take a solemn pledge that we will make our country once again the Dharma Bhoomi more sacred than the Heavens, where all people, to whichever caste, community or creed they may belong, will live in peace and harmony and adore and worship the sacred land as Jagatjanaka Kanyaka – the beloved daughter of the creator of the world – and whether all noble thoughts from all over the world will flourish, elevating this country once again to the status of Loka Guru, the Preceptor of the World. With this vision in our mind, we dedicate at the feet of our Master, H.H. Yogi Ramsuratkumar, this tenth annual number of Tattva Darsana presenting the various perspectives of Lord Shri Rama by some eminent sons and daughters of Mother India. 

Vande Mataram!  

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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