Rahul Gandhi raises Hinutvawadi debate on Mahatma Gandhis death ann BJP fumes

On the sombre occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary on Sunday, ex-Congress chief Rahul Gandhi yet again raised the Hindutva Vs Hindu debate. He reminded that a ‘Hindutvawadi’ (Nathuram Godse) had killed Gandhi, adding that the Mahatma was still alive in the truth. The Wayanad MP also paid his respects to the Mahatma at Rajghat. 30 January observed as ‘Shaheed Diwas’ marks the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi after he was shot dead by Nathuram Godse on this day in 1948.

Giving a political twist to the Mahatma’s anniversary, BJP MP Rakesh Sinha questioned if there was a lapse in the security of Mahatma Gandhi, alleging late PM Jawaharlal Nehru’s involvement. Co-relating Gandhi’s assassination to PM Modi’s recent security lapse, he questioned whose carelessness was that. Targetting Rahul Gandhi, VHP president Vinod Bansal said that all ‘fake’ Gandhis should change their surname as they were neither Gandhi followers nor followed Gandhi’s Hindutva.

Miffed at Rahul Gandhi’s Hindutva twist, ally Shiv Sena’s MP Sanjay Raut distanced Godse from Hindutva. He said,”Why was Pakistan’s founder Jinnah spared but Mahatma Gandhi assassinated? A real Hindutvawadi would never have assassinated Mahatma Gandhi”. He added, “Shooting Gandhi ji was not correct and entire nation mourned for it”.

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