Hinduism is the name of a most ancient culture and civilization which has survived the onslaughts of time, and flows on like the eternal Ganga. It is founded not on blind faith, meaningless superstitions, legends, fables and ridiculous rituals. The most ancient sages of the Vedic age who raised the questions, “Kasmai devaaya havlshaa videmaha I” – “To which God are we to pour oblations?” and “Ko dadarsha prathamama jaayamaanaml” – “Who saw the First Born?”, were most rational and scientific in their outlook. Probing into the mystery of the universe, they had the intuitive vision of the Truths and proudly proclaimed that the vast universe is nothing but the manifestation of a Consciousness-Force, a nameless and formless Ultimate Reality which they indicated by using the term ‘Brahman’, i.e. ‘That which is vast, that which is everywhere.’ The truths they propounded in the Vedas and the Upanishads were logically explained through the Nyaya Shastra of Gautama. The constituents of the Universe were explained scientifically through the atomism of Vaisheshika presented by Kanada. The rational theory of evolution was expounded by Kapila in his Sankhya Shastra. The path to achieve the realization of the Truth was proclaimed by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. The preparation of man on his path of evolution from the mundane to spiritual life was delineated by Jaimini in the Mimamsa and the Ultimate Goal or Human Destiny was indicated by Badarayana in the great Vedanta Sutras. The ancient rishis gave us also a way of life placing ‘Abhyudaya’ or welfare in the worldly life and ‘Nishreyasa’, or the Self-realization as the twin goals, the former ultimately leading to the latter. All our rites and rituals, religious systems, customs and practices were means to refine and reform man to prepare him for a divine life.  

In the course of centuries, whenever the Hindu society forgot the meaning and purpose of its existence, Mahatmas, sages and saints appeared to set the path right. Spreading the glorious message of the Vedic seers all over the world was set as the task that Bharatavarsha, the Loka Guru, was expected to accomplish. As Sri Aurobindo rightly pointed out, ‘If India rises, it is Sanatana Dharma that is rising,’ and India exists for Sanatana Dharma or the Hindu Dharma.  

But, unfortunately, we the Hindus, the inheritors of this precious and hoary heritage, are today shameless slaves of western materialistic culture and values of life and a society without any goal or ideals before it. We have, in our midst, umpteen number of religious and spiritual leaders who have taken up the saints’ robe as it is found to be a lucrative profession, thanks to the senseless, stupid and idiotic beliefs and superstitions which attract the so-called devotees who are simply gamblers resorting to any means which promises fulfillment of their crass material and mundane interests. Many of such fake masters have even made their in-roads into countries abroad and not only have presented a distorted image of Hinduism, but also successfully divided the Hindu society by creating as many compartments as possible to serve their own selfish interests. .  

The crying need of the day is to create an awakening in the Hindu society and rejuvenate the ancient values of life and the way propounded by our Vedic seers and sages. This work could be accomplished only by saints and savants of the caliber of Swami Vivekananda, Swami Rama Tirtha, Sri Aurobindo and Sister Nivedita and not by the so called swamis, soothe sayers, miracle performers, Godmen and Godwomen who parade themselves as the naked embodiments of the putrefication and disease that have infected the Hindu society today. Hindus abroad, who are materially in a much advanced position than their brethren at home, are thirsting for the spiritual knowledge and wisdom of their sacred Motherland, Bharatavarsha. The world which has witnessed on the one side the colossal disasters wrought by materialistic way of life in the form of wars and devastation of individual and social values of human existence, and on the other the total failure of Semitic religions based on superstitious and legendary beliefs, is today looking towards India for solace and inspiration. It is time for the Hindus in India to rise to the occasion and hold aloft the banner of Truth as propounded by our ancient seers to lead the way for the entire humanity to raise itself from its present animal existence to the Divine Life.  

The recent visit of this Sadhu to South Africa has reinforced one great resolution in his heart — to stand for the true, rational and scientific values propounded by the ancient masters and speak for Hindu unity and universality incessantly, in spite of the heavy odds that a pilgrim on such a path will have to confront.  

Our endeavour is not to create a new organization or institution to add to the confusion that has already engulfed the Hindu society, but to hammer on the heads of all such individuals and institutions exploiting the Hindu society and marketing Hindu spiritual values for monetary and mundane interests, and to awaken the Hindus to the real task ahead of them. People of all countries and continents today see the scientific and universal teachings of the great Masters of Mother Bharat as the manifesto for a new world order in the twenty first century and a beacon light for the entire future of mankind. But this dream of bringing light to humanity and to unite them under the banner of universal love and brotherhood is possible only when the Hindu society discards the stinking and putrefying elements within it and stands in robust health, united to preach the message of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam – ‘The entire world is one family’.  


Paramapoojaneeya Sri Balasaheb Deoras, former 8arsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, departed to the world of the Immortals on June 17, 1996. He was 80.  

In his outward appearance, he was like any ordinary man, though he was heading one of the world’s biggest organisations – the Rashtr¬iya Swayamsevak Sangh – the soul and spirit of the Hindu Nation. 

But in his inner life, he was a true sannyasi and yogi, if we go by the definition of these terms by Lord Krishna –  

Anaashrita karmaphalam kaaryam karma karoti yah  

Sa sannyaasee cha yogee cha na niragnir nachaakriyah  

–“He who performs his actions not aspiring for the fruits thereof, is a sannyasi or yogi, not the one who renounces the fire and one’s responsibilities.”  

As a young boy, Sri Deoras came under the spell of Paramapoojaneeya Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, the founder of RSS, and dedicated his whole life at the altar of Mother Bharat. His life turned into a dhyeya saadhana – a tapas – to awaken the Hindu society, rebuild the Hindu Nation and reinstall Mother Bharat on the throne of Loka Guru. He remained a bachelor throughout his life, all the time his mind absorbed in only one thought, the thought of his Motherland and the Hindu society. After the attainment of immortality by Dr Hedgewar, he stood by the side of Paramapoojaneeya Sri Guruji M.S. Golwalkar, who succeeded as the Sarsanghchalak Sri Guruji was a saintly personality like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and was, indeed, a disciple of Swami Akhandananda who came in Sri Ramakrishna’s lineage. But Sri Deoras was more comparable to Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in his robust dynamism and militant spirit. Sri Guruji always presented a picture of a loving mother whereas Sri Balasaheb was like a disciplinarian father to the workers of the Sangh.  

After Sri Guruji’s mahasamadhi, Sri Deoras led the organisa¬tion as Sarsanghchalak for twenty one years as it was indeed a stormy period in the history of the Sangh. When he found that his frail frame could no more bear the burden of the growing Sangh work, he voluntarily stepped down and announced Paramapoojaneeya Prof. Rajendra Singh as the next Sarsanghchalak. Even then, he was revered and respected by the Sangh family as a great patriarch till his last breath. 

This Sadhu had the rare opportunity to come very close to both Sri Guruji and Sri Balasahebji when this Sadhu, as a young worker for the cause of Hindutwa, took charge as the Editor of Hindusthan Samachar, national news agency, in its Nagpur branch, and was staying in Dr Hedgewar Bhavan, the headquarters of the RSS. While it used to be a pleasant exper-ience to sit before Sri Guruji for hours together and discuss about current affairs, even to stand by the side of Sri Balasahebji and talk to him for a five minutes about official work was an awe-inspiring experience, for he always seemed to be very serious. But there were occasions when this Sadhu could find that a loving heart was hidden behind the apparently serious look. Once, when there was a serious financial crisis in the office managed by this Sadhu who was a young worker then, Sri Deoras came to know of it and sent word to meet him the very next day in the early morning hours at Reshambaug grounds where he used to have the morning walk. While walking, he listened to all the problems and gave on the spot solutions too. Yet another occasion, when he came to know that this humble worker’s aged father was seriously ill at Tiruchirapally in Tamilnadu, he immediately called this worker by his side and asked him to hand over the responsibilities to someone and leave at once to be by the side of his father and do service to him. Unforgettable are those incidents. Sri Deoras was always accessible to even the grass-root level worker. Even during the period of Emergency, when Sri Deoras was incarcerated in Yervada Prison, this Sadhu had the opportunity to receive a letter from him. Hindu Nation has indeed lost a great leader and nation-builder, and Hindutwa, a great exponent. We join the millions of Swayamsevaks and Hindu brethren all over the world in offering our humble Shraddhaanjali to the Great Hindu!  

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan 

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