The one and only panacea for all the ills afflicting our nation today is Patriotism – downright, unadulterated Patriotism – Patriotism that is free from any sort of political ambitions and inhibitions. 

Our country is the most tolerant of all nations of the world. Since times immemorial we are the only nation that has given refuge to all persecuted peoples of the world. We have extended hospitality to all those who came to the shores of Mother Bharat seeking wealth, wisdom or spiritual solace. But, unfortunately, Bharat is also the only land that has been the victim of the worst form of ingratitude. Most of those who came from outside attempted consistently and systematically to destroy and destabilize our national edifice. 

Bharat believes in the unity of Godhead and universality of religions. Hindu culture alone accepts that all religions are true and all lead to one and the same goal. Therefore the Zamorin of Kozhikode had no hesitation to allow the Arab traders who landed on the Malabar coast to build mosques. The Jews persecuted in all other countries of the world sought asylum in this land. They were allowed to build their synagogues and practice their religion here. The Christians came and they were granted lands to build their churches. The Parsis too found a very hospitable and kind home on this land. The Muslims and Christians indulged in conversion of local Hindus into their faith. Even then our society did not protest, for we believed in the right of every individual to choose his own religious path – the way to approach the Supreme Creator. 

But what did the Hindu society get in return for all this generosity and large-heartedness extended to the aliens? The barbaric aggressors belonging to these alien religions attacked our country from outside, ransacked our glorious and magnificent temples, plundered hundreds and thousands of Hindu homes, raped our womenfolk and butchered in cold blood the innocent children of patriotic Hindus. Hindus were reduced to third rate citizens in their own land of birth. We bore all these insults and oppression patiently for more than a thousand years. And what has been the converts to Islam and Christianity doing? They totally forgot that their forefathers were Hindus – descendants of great rishis – and joined hands with the aliens in destroying Hindu nation. Then and even now they are more happy in seeking their identity with the alien marauders than with the children of this land. May be, there are some exceptions. We do not deny that there have been some patriots among the Muslims and Christians who always have proudly proclaimed that though they were Muslims or Christians by faith, the blood of the Hindu race flowed in their veins, that they are Hindus and Bharat is their sacred Motherland. But these exceptions do not make a rule. Majority of the converts have acted as stooges of the aggressors and the History of Bharat’s freedom struggle, right from the Muslim period, stands witness to this fact. 

Bharat attained independence after paying a very heavy price for fostering the treacherous elements on her own lap thinking that after all they too were her children. This motherly generosity did not find any response in the stone hearts of the traitors. She had to sacrifice her very limbs and a vivisected, bleeding nation saw its freedom on August 15, 1947. 

In spite of all these happenings in the past, the Hindus did not want to wreak vengeance against the aliens or the converts to alien religions in their own land. Instead, the policy of forgive and forget was adopted. We have even gone to the extent of assuring the converts to alien religions that they will be very safe and secure in Hindusthan, by giving them unduly even minority concessions and privileges.  

And what is the response that the Hindus have found? In their own land, they have no right to reconstruct and renovate a temple destroyed and demolished by a brute called Babar who invaded this holy land a few centuries back. The descendants of those who were converted to his religion at the point of sword in his days shamelessly adore him as a hero. For them reconstruction of Lord Rama’s temple is an insult to the brute Babar. 

There were traitors in the past who helped the alien aggressors like Mohammad of Gazni, Mohammed Ghori and Babar to attack our Motherland. They did not hesitate to sell their own Motherland to the aliens to settle scores with their own brethren and to capture power with the help of the enemies. Ultimately they too got eliminated by the very same enemies whom they invited to attack their own brethren. We do not lack in such Jayachandras even today. They are quite a good number of them today in our Hindu society. To capture power, these shameless politicians are prepared to go to any extent. They know well that the Muslim and Christian brethren in this land are constantly instigated and guided by Imams and Fathers respectively, who receive large sums of money from abroad to indulge in anti-national activities. These foreign agents do not consider this land as holy. For them this is only a geographical territory which is a no man’s land fit to be occupied by any. They look upon the lands in Arabian desert and European continent as their holy land. And the modern Jayachandras among the Hindus, the wretched power-mongering politicians, who want to shamelessly depend upon the vote bank of Christians and Muslims nourished and nurtured by Mullahs and Padris, are prepared to seek the help to these political black-marketeers in order to come to power by mortgaging the rightrs of the majority Hindus to rebuild their hoary and glorious spiritual nation. It is high time that patriotic Hindus wake up and rejuvenate the whole society into one nation and, in one clean sweep, bundle up all these anti-national elements and cast them into dust bin. The process is now on, but the speed with which it is done is not enough. There is lot of confusion in the Hindu mind and it is the duty of the Hindu mahatmas to come our boldly and guide the Hindu society. Hinduism is not merely a religion, but a nationality. We hope and pray that saints and preceptors of the stature of Chanakya, Vidyaranya, Samartha Ramdas, Guru Gobind Singh, Swami Vivekananda and Swami Rama Tirtha will arise out of the innumerable sadhus and sannyasins wandering throughout the length and breadth of the country today. The younger generations of the Hindu society are eagerly looking forward to receiving the dynamic guidance and inspiration to plunge into action for the redemption of this sacred Motherland which is still in bondage inspite of more than forty years of independence.  

The day the Hindus become devout and deciated, worshippers of Bharata Sakti, the Hindu nation will be born. And once the Hindu society stands as one man, even the Christian and Muslim brethren of Hindu origin in this land will come out of their self-forgetfulness and realize that they are also the inheritors of a grand and glorious spiritual nationalism founded by the ancient rishis of Bharat. They will take pride in calling themselves “Hindus by birth, though Christians or Muslims by faith”, following the footsteps of a few patriotic Christian and Muslim brethren who stand by us today in our sincere endeavours to rebuild our Hindu nation. It is an irony that, when these patriotic brethren belonging to Christian and Muslim faith, living in Bharat and abroad, appreciate our free and frank views, some among the Hindus in our own country smell “communalism” and “fanaticism” in our views. If a dose of patriotism enters into their blood, they will be freed of their illness. Let us pray to Mother Bharat for the early recovery of these sick children. Let Mother Bharat soon emerge as the Divine Mother of strong, patriotic and valiant sons and daughters of the great rishis and saints! Vande Mataram!  

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan 

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