Off To The Distant Lands, On The Mission Of Mother India

At the age of twenty six, Sadhu Rangarajan was captivated by a soul stirring love song.  

“Viswam akhilam uddhwartumami nirmita vayam  

Bhaaratam samuddhwartumami preshita vayam…” 

-“We are made to lift the entire world, we are commissioned to Mother Bharat to Her pristine glory!”  

This new-found love, love of an ideal, set fire to the romantic heart and made this Sadhu roam in madness not only in his home state, but also in various parts of the country. And there were the great “masts”, Sri Guruji Golwalkar and Swami Chinmayananda to fan the raging in the heart of this mad youth. Matrimonial tie didn’t cure this madness. Instead, this locomotive started dragging along with compartments like family, relations, kith and kin etc., on the rails of idealism. Of course, that was the practical lesson in living the Sanatana Dharma propounded by our ancient masters.  

Then came the opportunity for this Sadhu to cross the shores of this country and venture into distant lands like South Africa, Mauritius and Reunion Island. Mother India’s children in those lands were missing for a long time the touch of the cool and refreshing breeze of Sanatana Dharma and Mother India gave this son an opportunity to  

go to them to serve them by fanning the gentle breeze of Hindutwa, attending the International Vedic Conference, editing YOGA LESSONS FOR CHILDREN, a prestigious publication of Divine Life Society of South Africa on the occasion of Swami Shivananada Centenary and addressing congregations of Hindu brethren there. A decade later, again this Sadhu got an opportunity to be in the midst of the brethren in South Africa. This time the Sadhu found them all well organised and united to host the Mahatmas, Sadhus and Swamis from Various parts of the globe in a World Hindu Conference to thunder the message of the Rishis: “Krinwanto Viswam Aryam” -_ Let us mark the entire world nobleI Yes, making Men with a capital ‘M’ out of the human race is the message and mission of Hindutwa! This message was dinned into the ears of our brethren. To educate the Hindus on the essentials of Hindutwa, a branch of the Sister Nivedita Academy was set up. Again another visit was made by the Sadhu last year to prepare men and women dedicated to the task of spreading the message of Bharatavarsha equipped with the right knowledge of our glorious culture and heritage.  

Now this Sadhu, with the immense blessions of his Master. H.H. Yogi Ramsuratkumar and other Mahatmas living in our midst today, is leaving India for the fourth time to South Africa, to consolidate the gains made there – riches in the form of dedicated children of Mother India, endowed with the vision and wisdom of our ancient sages and seers. Yes, it is the band of Karma Yogis in the garb of ordinary men and women who are going to spread the message of Hindutwa. i.e. Sanatana Dharma or Manava Dharma, which is meant to make every man, Vaishanava, Shaiva. Shakta, Baudha, Jaina, Sikh, Parsee, Musalman, Christian, Black, White, Coloured, European and Asian to realise that humanity is greater than religions and that fanaticism and fundamentalism in any religion will destroy only that religion as a dreaded poison from within. All religions of the world can survive only by breathing the life-giving air of universality, oneness and human brotherhood preached by the ancient seers of Bharata varsha. This is the message that this Sadhu is carrying to the distant land. But this message will inspire others outside Bharat only when children at home translate this message in their day today life and set an example to the world. May Mother Bharat give us all the strength to live up to Her expectations. VANDE MATARAM! 

Author: Professor Author Rangarajan

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