Hindutwa is Indian Nationalism. Sri Aurobindo proclaims: “Sanatan Dharma is Indian Nationalism”. The Arabs, the Persians and the Greeks knew this country as the land of the Hindus. Sapta Sindhu bhoomi became Hapta Hindu in Zend Avesta and Ind of the Greeks, from which the present name, India, is derived. The Muslims who invaded this land and the Europeans, who came for commerce and later subjugated us politically, called the natives of this land Hindus. Even a century back, our Muslim brethren who visited Mecca were called Hindu Muslims and the Christians of Indian origin were known as Hindu Christians. The Constitution of Free India also has accepted the name HINDUSTAN – the land of the Hindus – for this nation.  

Still some people in our country are allergic to the name Hindu. Two thousand years of slavery has putrified their minds to such an extent that they are ashamed to call themselves Hindus. Our Muslim and Christian brethren have forgotten that the blood of the Hindu race flows in their veins. The forefathers of our Muslim brethren were Hindus converted to Islam at the point of sword by the aggressors. The European rulers and Christian missionaries converted our people to Christianity by force and lure of money, wine and women. These facts of history have been pointed out by even great men like Swami Vivekananda. Patriot-saints like Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo cannot be condemned as narrow-minded, sectarian, bigots, because the whole world adores them as great men of the modern age. These mahatmas, deeply rooted in the ancient Hindu values of life, never attempted to reconvert the people who embraced alien religions, because Hindu dharma accepted all religions as various paths to one Ultimate Reality. However, they wanted these people to realize the truth that they were the descendants of Rishis and not the illegitimate progeny of the brutish bastards who invaded this country and destroyed our ancient temples and centres of learning. The Muslim marauders ransacked and desecrated the temples ilke Somnath, Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi and set up mosques in those places. The Christian colonialists destroyed the ancient temples like Kapaleeswara and Vedapureeswara and set up churches there. Are these mosques and churches “places of worship” or symbols of subjugation and humiliation of the Hindu race by the alien forces? Why should the Muslims and Christians in India consider themselves the progeny of those marauders and try to perpetuate the memories of the vandalism of the aggressors? Why should not they consider themselves the descendants of the Rishis and hail Rama and Krishna as the ideals and heroes of this nation? Of course, even among the Hindus today there are the descendants of stooges of the alien Muslim and European rulers who claimed the titles of Rajas and Maharajas by selling their honor and freedom. They are trying to placate the Muslims and Christians for the solid “minority votes”. They will speak “Secularism” in open and clandestinely play the communcal and caste cards to capture power. To them, Hindutwa and Hindu Rashtra are anathema. The Shrines Bill passed by them in the Parliament to please the so called minorities is nothing but an attempt to perpetuate the humiliation of Hindu society and desecration of the places of our worship in the pre-independence days. The Hindu society will not take this lying down. The Hindus are awakened today and they are on the threshold of rebuilding their glorious Hindu Rashtra. Let our Muslim and Christian brethren see the writing on the wall and enable at least their children to live in peace and harmony as citizens of a glorious Hindu nation where all religions will be treated with equal respect and universal spiritual values will be preserved for the welfare of the mankind.  

Vande Mataram!  

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan. 

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