Hindus of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your imbecility and impotence injected into your national existence during the two thousand years of slavery under the mlecchas and the firangis, who marauded this holy land of Bharatavarsha. At a weak moment, our forefathers forgot their glorious lineage of the great rishis and their supreme creed of patriotism and surrendered their self-respect, honour and the country to the. aggressors.  

Our ancient rishis had given us the motto: “Krinvanto vishwam aaryam” – “Aryanize, i.e., civilize the entire world!” Our ancestors carried the Light of Wisdom to the distant lands from this Land of Wisdom, our holy Bharatavarsha. Mother India became a home to all seekers of wisdom and spiritual aspirants, from every nook and corner of the world, who enjoyed in this land the best hospitality from the Hindus who upheld the ideal, “Atithi devo bhava!” — “Let the guest be our god!”  

Our rishis were not preachers of salvation after death or priests working as agents of god to assure men a place in the heaven; they were seers with integral vision who viewed the human life in its totality and gave us the chaturvidha purushaarthas or the four-fold goal of life, viz.; Dharma (values and way of life), artha (means of satisfaction of desires), kaama (all human urges, desires, etc.) and moksha (liberation or Ultimate Self-realization). There was place •in their scheme of life for material well-being as well as spiritual upliftment. They taught mankind to live a holistic life taking into account the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual needs of man, with the ultimate object of raising him from the mundane to the divine level.  

We, the Hindus, instead of marching ahead unitedly, holdjng aloft the Bhagava Jhanda, the saffron national flag of Bharata Varsha, the symbol of wisdom, sacrifice and renunciation, to conquer the hearts of people all over the world, fell under the delusion of materiel and selfish interests, divided ourselves into groups and fought among ourselves, shamelessly inviting the alien aggressor to butcher our own brethren and conquer our motherland. Millions of our mothers, sisters and daughters were taken as slaves and raped, the children were massacred, and the impotent and helpless Hindu masses were converted to alien religions and turned into stooges and mercenaries of the aggressors to destroy our own Hindu nationalism, culture, heritage, temples, places of worship and to ransack our own motherland!  

The foreign colonialists, in their cunning game to keep this country a permanent slave to them, kept the converts to alien relgions away from their mother culture and heritage. In the name of education, they taught the children of this land that they belonged to a multi-racial and multi-cultural society, that India was never a single nation, and that Hinduism was just a religion like Islam and Christianity. The English educated slavish elite of this land swallowed all this nonsensical stories and clamoured for the gilidance of the West in reshaping the destiny of this land.  

However, never in the long history of foreign domination was there any period when Mother Bharat failed to produce valiant sons and brave freedom fighters who fought for Her emancipation. It was the culmination of the heroic efforts of brave sons and daughters of this land, like Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Gobind, Jhansi Rani, Ram Singh Kuka, Vasudev Balwant Phadke, Veer Savarkar and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose that won the freedom of this land, not the political meetings, congresses, resolutions, rallys and demonstrations of barrister turned power hungry politicians. How many sacrificed their precious lives at the gallows, chanting the sacred mantra, Vande Mataram! How many rotted in the cellular jails of Andamans and at Mandalay! How many brave Indian men and women persihed in the war, holding aloft the banner of INA under the leadership of Netaji! Ultimately it was the bold revolt of the brave soldiers of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force against the British masters that forced the colonialists to quit this land. But all the sacrifices made by .the valiant children of our Motherland went in vain. The foreign aggressors, even while beating retreat, played a very nefarious game to keep the country ever weak and divided. They instigated the people converted to alien religions to break away from the nation and carve out their own homelands in this great country. With the connivance of English educated power-hungry political leaders, the Muslims in the country managed to vivisect this Motherland and carve out a Pakistan. The Christians are still striving for a homeland in the north-east. And we, the Hindus, are still divided, shamelessly aping the West, devoid of any self-respect and utterly selfish — selfish to the extent of unhesitatingly selling our own mothers, sisters and daughters to the aliens if we could make money out of that or attain power or position.  

Nearly half a century after the attainment of Independence, what is the condition of the Hindus in their own homeland? They have no right to propagate their own culture and heritage, their religious and moral values, in their educational institutions, i.e. the institutions of the “majority community”, whereas the “minorities” or the non-Hindus have the right to impart religious education in their institutions. The “minorities” have special privileges, rights, reservations, autonomy and what not!” Our “educated” Hindu brethren are the least bothered about this. For them Hinduism is a bundle of superstitions and what our children need today are jeans, pop music and rock n’ roll! Rebuilding the Rama temple at Ayodhya is the height of fanaticism, while demolition of hundreds of Hindu temples all over the country by the aliens are acts to be forgotten and forgiven. Kashmiri pundits have been driven out of their homeland, today, which is occupied by Pakistani militants, and are scattered all over the country as refugees in the very motherland, No Hindu is concerned about their fate, but if the Muslim fundamentalism in Kashmir is put down, it is high-handedness of the Indian military men and a “safe passage” (up and down?) is to be provided to the foreign agents and mercenaries! Otherwise, it is “gross violation of human rights”!  

In this land, the great dharmacharyas were bold and courageous to command even mighty kings and emperors to act according to the dictates of dharma. They were utterly selfless, absolutely fearless and lived a life of simple living and high thinking. Vidyaranya, Samarth Ramdas and Guru Gobind Singh inspired the people to resist the inroads of alien. aggressors into this land and moulded a Vijayanagar Empire, created a Chhatrapti Shivaji to rebuild Hindu Rashtra, and fought the alien forces to save the Motherland. Swami Viyekananda on the deck of a European vessel was bold enough to lift up a white man and threaten to throw him into the sea when the foreigner abused the Swami’s Motherland and mother culture. Swami Rama Tirtha, Mahayogi Aurobindo and Sister Nivedita inspired the Hindus to fight for their freedom. How many such acharyas do we have in our midst today? Today we need only such spiritual leaders who will arouse the dormant national and cultural pride in the hearts of the Hindus and impel them to heroic actions. We do not need so called Godmen and God-women, the self-appointed agents of Gods and Goddesses, whose main function is to bring divine intervention for physical and material well-being to those who can afford to shell out some money, find placements and promotions for the bureaucrats, finance and market for businessmen and power and positions for politicians! Wah! Some of them have international reputations and clientele! All this scam will be washed out of this land, the day the Hindu society awakens and gains the true knowledge of its religious and spiritual heritage. People will realize that welfare in this world as well as hereafter is to be gained by each one’s self-effort and sadhana, through honest, pious and selfless life based on dharma. We need acharyas who will teach the people that Gods and Goddesses spoken of in our puranas and itihasas are not sitting in the attics of the heaven to come down at the beck and call of godmen to serve the mundane interests of their selfish followers, but they are symbolic representation of divine forces operating in the bosom of each and every human being, and the purpose of human birth is to arouse these divine forces in one’s own self and emerge from the human to the divine level. We need acharyas who will lead the Hindu society in its struggle for survival. We need acharyas who will boldly tell the political leaders of the country that they can ho longer play power politics at the cost of the Hindu soceity which is the backbone of our national existence. We need acharyas who will tell the Muslim and Christian brethren in this land that their forefathers were all Hindus and their heritage is Hindu and they could survive in this land only if they hold on to the values of patriotism, pride in our national heritage and worship the country which is greater than the gods; not those so called spiritual teachers who hypocritically speak about the Universal Relgion while trying to build their own cults. We need acharyas who will din into the ears of the Hindus the message of Lord Krishna in the Gita — the very opening message that He gives to Arjuna in despoi d-ency on the battle-field:  

“Kutastwaa kashmalamidam vishame samupasthitam anaaryajushtamaswargyamakeertikaramarjuna  

Klaibyam maa smagamah paartha naitattwayyupapadyate  

kshudram hridayadaurbalyam tyaktwottishtha parantapa!”  

— “When hath this dejection befallen thee in this perilous strait, ignoble, heaven-closing, infamous, 0 Arjuna? Yield not to impotence, 0 Partha! it doth not befit thee. Shake off this paltry faint-heartedness! Stand up, Parantapa!”  

Now is the time for all Hindus who are in the state of mind of Arjuna to wake up, fight for the re–establishment of dharma, rebuild the glorious past, emerge as “agrajanmanah” — the preceptors — to the entire humanity and make the land of their fore-fathers, the ancient rishis, once again the preceptor of the world–the Loka Guru. The world congregation of the Hindus and their spiritual leaders should address themselves to this first and foremost holy task.  

This Special Issue of TATTVA DARSANA, which also is its Eleventh Annual Number, titled GLIMPSES OF HINDU HERITAGE, which is brought out to mark the occasion of the World Hindu Conference at Durban, South Africa, on the eve of this year’s Guru Poornima, the auspicious Jayanti of Veda Vyasa, the Guru of all the Gurus adored and worshipped by the entire Hindu world, strives to present a bird’s eye-view of the various aspects of the hoary and glorious cultural, national and spiritual heritage of the .Hindus, which encompasses all aspects of life like religion, philosophy, arts and science, politics, sociology, and stresses the need on the one side to protect and preserve this precious inheritance, and on the other, to place before the entire humanity the unversal and eternal values of life propounded by the sages and seers of Bharatavarsha for the emancipation of mankind. Like the humble squirrel which helped Lord Ramachandra in building a bridge accross .the Setu, our effort is to help the Virat Hindu Samaj — the vast Hindu society — to rebuild the bonds of brotherhood and unity that will bridge the gulf between continents and bring the whole world under one umbrella, fulfilling the dream of our forefathers to make the whole universe one large family — “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam!” 

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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