Hinduize the Hindus

Hinduism is a scientific, rational and universal way of life. It is ridiculous to compare it to the narrow, sectarian, superstitious religions like Christianity and Islam and call them all as equals. Hindu sages and seers of the most ancient Vedic age proclaimed scientific truth that it is One, nameless, formless Ultimate Reality that manifests in the form of Energy which is the source of all creation. Modern science has rediscovered this grand truth after centuries of scientific investigation into the reality of the universe. There is no room in Hinduism for a superstitious, irrational ‘belief’ in a ‘creator’ sitting up above in the ‘heaven’ waiting for the doom’s day to awaken all dead men from their graves and to sit in judgement of each and every one of them, letting in those who believed in him into the heaven and throwing the ‘non-believers’ into the hell. 

The Hindu sages and seers also discovered the great truth of evolution of the Consciousness-Force from the lowest forms of creation to a high rational being called Man, and then on to the highest intuitive or Supramental Being, who had realized his identity with the Source of all creation. This truth, which is also accepted by modern science was also proclaimed in the most ancient Vedas. In order to enable the common man to understand these truths realized by them in the realm of intuition, the great masters of Bharatavarsha resorted to explanations in the form of myths, legends, puranas, itihasas, etc. symbolically presenting the various facets of Brahman (meaning That which is everywhere), in enthropomorphic and semi-enthropomorphic forms. 

However, in later days, some unscrupulous men, impelled by their urge for domination over others, misled the gullible and ignorant masses into believing that these unnatural and monstrous forms are real manifestations of gods, engendered fear in their hearts about the wrath of these gods and also assured favours to those who appeased these gods through them – the self-appointed agents of gods. In fact, some of these stupid conceptions about god even migrated to other civilizations and gave birth to the semitic religions. 

In every age and clime, Bharatavarsha did produce great mahatmas who came forth to present the true Vedic religion in scientific and rational manner and redeem the masses from blind beliefs and superstitious rituals and cults. But still the vested interests succeeded in spreading again and again a veil of ignorance over the common people and make them lost sight of the ancient truths. 

The two thousand years of slavery and the spread of semitic religions like Christianity and Islam in India thickened the veil of ignorance. Even in that condition, Mother Bharat bore in Her womb spiritual giants who engineered reformation and renaissance movements in the Hindu Nation. In the modern period, great men like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Dayananda, Swami Vivekananda and Mahayogi Aurobindo appeared on the horizon as blazing suns spreading dazzling light. But the monumental work of even these mahatmas are being undone by the so-called followers who create in the very name of these mahatmas cults and superstitious beliefs to drag the people once again into the ditches of darkness. Consequently, we find today that the Hindu society is divided into many sects, cults and religious groups, sometimes each one of them claiming an independent status. Even those who accept themselves as part of Hinduism try to distort the basic tenets of the most ancient Vedas and Upanishads to suit the convenience of their sectarian interests. Each sect or spiritual group tries to imprison its followers through fear or favour inside its narrow shell. The heads of these groups also try to engender fanatic and fundamentalist outlook like that of the semitic religions to make their followers look down upon other religious beliefs and cults with hatred. These so-called spiritual leaders discourage their followers from gaining a thorough and scientific understanding of Hinduism by reading the works of other spiritual masters and institutions, from listening to thinkers not belonging to their own group and from attending other congregations. They want their followers to confine themselves to their own groups and are afraid that they may lose them if their devotees are exposed to the thoughts of other groups. The net result is that there are no Hindus today, but only followers of different groups and cults. 

Besides these, we have also in our midst today, in every street corner, persons who claim themselves to be ‘Avatars’ or Godmen or God-women through whom one or the other God or Goddess speaks, solving every kind of the problems of the ‘devotees’, including washing of black money, saving from corruption charges, winning the elections and gaining political power, removing the rivals in business or profession, and sometimes even getting rid of an unwanted wife or husband! These Super-Gods have also succeeded in creating cults of their own around them. As a result of all this total confusion and irrational manifestations, many a young Hindu men and women turn into atheists and crass materialists and many others, lured also by the pecuniary, sensual and mundane interests, walk into the fold of semitic religions at least where they could find a better here than hereafter. 

In the post-Independent India, the corrupt politicians have found an easy means for power and pelf through the exploitation of the ignorance of the masses and the divisions and disintegration in the Hindu society. They also vie with each other in wooing the Christian Missionaries and Muslim Mullahs holding a shepherd’s grip over their respective communities to create vote banks. The politicians are afraid of Hindu unity for they know well that they can catch their fish only in troubled waters. The so-called leaders of religious sects and groups who also play into the hands of the politicians do not want the Hindu community uniting, for they are afraid of losing grip over their followers. They find their selfish and sectarian interests protected in the perpetration of disunity in the Hindu society. This phenomena is seen not only inside the country, but in the entire Hindu diaspora in more than 52 countries where each and every Hindu sect or religious group wants to keep distance from one another. 

In the name of inter-religious understanding, a Hindu religious group would not mind joining hands with semitic religions, but by no means they would ever extend the hand of brotherhood to another Hindu religious group. Can there be greater embodiments of hypocrisy? The alien religious forces also want to keep the Hindu society ever divided, for they know that once the Hindus come together, they would turn out to be the mightiest force on the earth. The growth of science and technology combined with the rational and universal philosophy of the Hindus have already started demolishing the Christian castles in the European countries and the geniuses of those countries look towards India for knowledge and wisdom of the highest order. Even the spread of education in the Muslim community has started drawing the attention of the enlightened Muslims to the scientific and rational wisdom of the Hindus and Islamic fundamentalists are resorting to political warfare to keep their cadres in their fold. However, these forces are fighting a losing battle for Hinduism is making fasinroads into their citadels and they can no longer keep the Hindu Community divided. India, the giant who was asleep all those years, is rising. As Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo proclaimed in his prophetic words, when we India is rising, it is Sanatana Dharma that is rising. Sanatana Dharma is Indian Nationalism. The coming century is going to be the century of the Hindus. The work to consolidate the Hindu forces inside the country and abroad is in full swing and no power on earth can ever stop it. It is at this juncture that every patriotic and national minded Hindu within the country and every child of Mother India in the distant lands, who is proud of the glorious culture and heritage of our great forefathers, should come forward to shatter the shackles of ignorance and groupism in the Hindu society and to bind all Hindus together in a strong bond of brotherhood to fulfill the mission of our beloved Mother Bharat – “Krinvanto Viswam Aryam” – “Make the entire world noble”! However humble and insignificant one may be, any Hindu who shares these thoughts and strives to contribute to the realization of this goal in whatever measure, will be contributing to the building up of the Hindu might all over the world, like little drops of water making a mighty ocean. The crying need of this hour is to Hinduize the Hindus first. The rest is Divine Destiny! 

Vande Mataram! 

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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