“Jananee Janmabhoomischa 

Swargaadapi gareeyasi” 

“Mother and Motherland are more sacred than Heaven”, declared Lord Sri Rama.  

Ayodhya is the janmasthan of the Lord, dearer to Him than His own heart. Since times immemorial devout Hindus pray: 

“Ayodhyaa Mathuraa Maayaa 

Kaasi Kaanchi Avantikaa 

Puree Dwaraavatee chaiva 

Saptaitaa moksha dayikaa” 

“Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya, Kasi, Kanchi, Avantika, Puri and Dwaravati are the seven sacred abodes which confer Eternal Bliss.” 

A few centuries back, hordes after hoardes of invaders attacked this sacred land and they were very particular in ransacking these sacred places for these were the proudest symbols of Hindu nationalism, which the aliens endeavoured to destroy.  

In the Independent India, if the Hindus want to construct once again, on the ruins of their sacred temples, new structures to wipe off the insults heaped on them, it is not only not unjust, but also the sacred duty of all the citizens of this holy land, irrespective of caste, creed or community, for every one in this land is the proud inheritor of the glorious heritage of this land. If the Muslim nation, Indonesia, can take pride in hosting an International Ramayana Festival, if they can proudly call their capital Ayodhya, their airlines Garuda and if a Sukarno can boast that his name is derived from two noble characters from the great Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, Kumbakarna of the former and Karna of the latter and the prefix “Su” added to Karna as both the Karnas in the epics had unfortunately fought on the side of Adharma, – why not the Muslims and Christians in this land, in whose body only the Hindu blood flows, pay their homage to the greatest of the heroes of this land by cooperating with the devotees of the Lord to construct His temple in His janmasthan? 

Hinduism not merely tolerates, but accepts all forms of worship as different pathways to one Ultimate Reality. That is why India has been the only land on the earth which has provided asylum to all the persecuted races in the world throughout history. In the Ramajanmasthan, there is no mosque and no namaaz is done, but devout Hindus even now congegate in large numbers to offer worship to their beloved Lord. Not to allow them to reconstruct the temple at the site is a sinister attempt to perpetuate the insult which they have suffered through centuries. When mosques are shifted from one place to another even in Muslim countries, what is wrong in shifting a mere mosque-like structure constructed by an invader on the most sacred place of the natives? However, the dog in the manger policy of a few hard core Muslim fundamentalists have received the support of vote-mongering politicians, cherishing the fond hope of capturing the Muslim vote-bank by betraying their own brethren.  

What happened in Ayodhya in this October will be recorded in red letters in the history of the Hindu race. Lakhs and lakhs of the devout Hindu men, women, children, sadhus, sannyasins and mahatmas assembled there to perform kar seva, braving the inhuman massacre, reckless arrests and persecutions, and merciless suppression unleashed by a brainless government armed with blind bureaucracy. How many have offered their blood for the sacred cause! How many families have lost their breadwinners and are totally ruined as a massive sacrifice for a noble cause!  

To dub the Ramajanmabhoomi issue as political is the greatest treachery against the Hindu society. The Shankaracharyas, the Swamijis and lakhs of Rama bhaktas are not politicians and they have not fought for a political cause. Their cause is Divine. It cannot be suppressed by the brutal force of the government manned by political leaders interested in preserving their chairs.  

If in the wake of this Ramajanmabhoomi movement, the Hindu nationalist forces have arisen, it is the Will of the Divine, for Mother Bharat is re-emerging to play Her destined role as the preceptor of the world. This rising up of Hindu nationalism has come to stay and political gimmicks like postponing the elections till the wounded feelings of the Hindus are assuaged by the passage of time so that those who stood against this Hindu wave could safely return to power, would not work. Time will prove this true. Not only Rama will have His abode in His Heart, but He will now ever remain in the hearts of every devout Hindu inspiring him to make the greatest sacrifice for the sake of his Motherland.  

Vande Mataram!  

Sadhu Rangarajan 

“Rama dwells in every heart, 

but the world beholds him not.”  — Kabir 

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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