Gujarat police probing Mother Teresa charity over ‘forced conversions’

Gujarat police are probing the Christian charity started by Mother Teresa for forcing girls in its shelter home to wear a cross and read the Bible.

Vadodara district social officer Mayank Trivedi told the news agency that his complaint to the police was based on a report by child welfare authorities and other district officials.

According to the complaint, 13 Bibles were found in the library of the institute and girls staying there were forced to read the religious text.

The Missionaries of Charity, founded in 1950 by the late Mother Teresa. Authorities say that a number of Christian Charity groups are forcing the poor to convert to christianity. The funds come from western countries via these christian non-profit organisations whose only objective is to convert the poor Hindus. Most of the Pastors and Nuns indulge in these activities on a full time basis.

With strict rules in place, many Non-profits have lost their licenses for indulging in money laundering from many parts of the world and also for indulging in forced conversions.

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