‘TATTVA DARSANA’ in its editorial titled “The Fragrant Flowers at the Mother’s Altar”, in August 1984, had made a fervant appeal  to the patriotic citizens of the country to make an endeavour, in the Centenary Year of the great patriot, Sri Subramanina Sivam, to fulfill his dream of setting up a temple for Bharat Mata. The undaunted Karmayogi, who in the last days of his life became a victim of leprosy because of the inhuman torture and unhygienic conditions in the prison where he was interned for his patriotic activities, had in spite of his totally destroyed physical frame, moved about with the mission of setting up a temple for Mother India. He even got the renowned patriot, Chittaranjan  Das, to lay the foundation stone for the temple in 1923. He was not allowed to travel in trains, as he was condemned as a leprosy patient. Yet he covered hundreds of miles in bullock carts and by walk to see his dream fulfilled. But his life came to a premature end in 1925 when he was just 41. 

Sri Subrmaina Sivam was not a mere visionary. He had a definite plan to integrate the whole Bharathiya society on the firm foundation of common ideal—the deification of the Motherland and the inculcation of spirit of filial affection towards Her in the hearts of all the children of the Mother. He knew that loyalty to one caste, creed or religion at the cost of national interest divided the whole society into warring groups and that was the main reason for our country’s downfall and subjugation by alien forces. He also knew that the country where religion and spirituality have been  the sap of national life through centuries, the stupid nation of planting the meaningless “securalism” as an alternative will only encourage the people to fall back more intensely on their caste, creed and community sentiments and lead to the fragmentation of the whole society. What the people required, according to him, was a common source pf inspiration for both national and spiritual life and hence, he propounded the age-old spirituo-nationalistic creed of Sri Bharati. He proclaimed: 

My religion is Sri Bharati

My religion is Sri Bharati. It is the saguna paksha (form aspect) of the Science of Advaita, Bharata Mata is the Deity of Freedom of the Hindu Dharma. This saguna iswaratva (worship of God in form) embraces the whole land from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and all the creations therein. Those who constantly meditate on this deity will get merged in it. The individual merger in the society. In this way he attains to the total knowledge, strength, power and force of the society. All the servants of Mother India, who have intense spirit of patriotism, have, irrespective of caste, creed or community, equal right to worship Bharata Mata. In the religious and social matters of worship, common dining, inter caste marriages, etc., this religion has a wide outlook. This does not preach hatred or anger against anybody in the world. 

The question may arise whether this ideal worshipping the Motherland as a deity, as it appears to be a Hindu religious cult, will be acceptable to all the people of our country. We must remember that, during the early decades of this century, when the mantra of “Bande Mataram” burst like a bomb-shell, even Muslims in Bengal (who were indeed Hindus by virtue of their birth in this land) chanted it and even a Mohammed Iqbal was inspired to sing, “saare jahaanse achaa hindusthaan hamaara”. Only when the crooked, perverted and power-hungry leaders of the Muslim League poisoned the minds of the Muslim community by showing the seeds of communal fanaticism in order to create a Pakisthan for their selfish political interests, that the hatred towards Motherland arose in the hearts of the Muslims. If the Hindus in the country, who formed 85% of the population had stood united and projected the ideal of Sri Bharati, the Muslims and the Christians would have fallen in line and all the anti-national elements including in the divisive activities would have been exterminated once for all. Because of the hundred thousand divisions and groupisms in the Hindu society, the enemies of our land got sufficient encouragement to go ahead with their schemes to disintegrate the country on the basis of communal differences. 

“Saae Jahaanse Achaa Hindusthaan Hamaara”

It is not too late for us to wake up. The crying need of the hour is to inculcate this cult of Sri Bharati in the minds of our people. Though there will be patriotic elements among the Muslims and  Christians of this land who will co-operate, it is for the Hindus to tale the lead. It will be a long drawn process to de-hypnotise the general Muslim and Christian masses, who have been made to believe by their foreign masters during the two thousand years of our country’s slavery under the Mughals and the British, that they are not Hindus, that Hinduism is the name of a religion and not of our nationalism and that there has never been a nation called Bharat or Hindusthan till these foreigners came into the country. 

Let us come to the point. Sri Subramania Sivam wanted to set up Bharatashrama in which the idols of Bharata Mata would be installed and worshipped by the people of all religions. Let us remember that in Chidambaram temple, there is an open space where worship is done to the Supreme Being in his formless aspect also. Like that, we can have such places of meditation and prayer in these temples for those who do not want to worship Her in form. But everyone must respect the sentiment and freedom of the other to worship Her in any form one wants. All must, however, accept the Motherland as the manifestation of their worshipful god, whatever it might be. Those who cannot consider this land of birth as sacred enough to demand their worship over and above their personal gods, have no right to exist on this sacred soil drawing sustenance from the bountiful gifts of this Divine Mother. 

Now our appeal is to all those who subscribe to this ideal of Sri Bharati to come forward to extend their help to fulfill the dream of the great patriot-saint. Your offer of help and co-operation will enable us to formulate a concrete plan for making a humble beginning. We are sure, patriotic children of this immortal nation will rise up to the occasion. 


Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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