Conversion And ReConversion of Hindus

The word ‘caste’ is alien to Hinduism. There has never been any caste among the Hindus. The word ‘Jaati’ as well as ‘Varna’ only denote the class-like the driver class, the watchman class, the teacher class, the peasant class, the labour class, the business class-a classification based on inclinations and actions (Guna Karma Vibhhaagashah). There are Vedic hymns that say that all the four ‘Varnas’ were in the same family, among the brothers and there are cases where the father belonged to one varna, while the con to another and the grandson to yet another. The fourfold division in the Purusha Sookta of the Rig Veda is the depiction of the entre Raashtrapurusha, the society, with its various limbs. Even today, people who claim to belong to different ‘castes’ mention the name of the ‘Gotra’ or lineage from the Rishi, when they go to temples to perform Archanas. That means that the forefather of a Brahmana, a Mudaliar, a Kayastha, a Yadava, a Reddy and anyone belonging to any other ‘caste’ is the same person if they all belong to his ‘gotra’, Where is ‘caste’ by birth?

And, regarding conversion, who is to convert whom? First of all Hinduism is not a religion, but a way of life. There is no question of a Hindu getting converted to another or alien religion. Historical researches by scholars like David Frawley, N.S. Rajaram, N. Jha and Srikant Talgeri have all proved beyond doubt that the Aryans migrates from Aryavartha or Bharatavarsha to distant lands and the Parsis, Jews, Arabs and Eurpoeans are all descendants of those Yadus, Turvasus, Drahyus, Anus, Purus of the Vedic period and Abhiras of the Puranic period who migrated to distant lands from Vedic India in the remote past. The pagan religions that originated from the Vedic Aryans who migrated to distant lands were in later days destroyed by the Semitic religious that originated as corrupted of those religions. Ganesh Damodar Savarkar, the illustrious brother of Veer Savarkar, points out in his research work, JESUS, THE CHRIST WAS A HINDU, that the forefathers of Jesus were Tamil people who migrated from India. God knows to which gotra the forefathers of Mohammed belonged to. Even the Asuras had their gotras from Rishis. Moulana Mohammad Ali Jinnah might have claimed himself to be the enemy of Hindu, but his Gujarati ancestors must necessarily have been belonging to some Rishi Gotra, perhaps the same as Gandhi’s.

 Therefore when it is said that Christians or Muslims are converting Hindus to alien religions, it means the descendants of renegades who were led astray from the Hindu way of life long ago are now misleading the present-day Hindus like a drunkard and debaunchee misleading a chaste Brahmachari to evil ways.

Now, how to bring back those lost sheep? Reconversion! It is utter nonsense. When there is no conversion at all, where is the question of reconversion? We call it ‘Shuddhi’. When someone falls into a filthy gutter, we take him out and lead him to a trap and give him a good bath. It is just like that. Many years ago, a young man from down South approached my siksha guruPoojya Swamy Chinmaynanda, and made a submission that his illiterate fisherman parents and family are converted to Christanity when he was a small boy and he now wanted to come back to the parent religion. Swamiji asked him with a smile, “How did the conversion take place?” The youth replied, “We were all taken to the Church and the Father there baptized us.” Swamiji asked again, “How did he baptize?” The young man replied, “He took some water and sprinkled it on us and said that we were baptized” In a jovial mood, the Swai further enquired, “Where did the water fall when he sprinkled it on you?” the youth replied, “It fell on my head, shoulders and arms.” Swamiji once removed his ocher towel hanging on his shoulders, gave it to the youth ad said, “Wipe your head, shoulders and arms with this. You are now back into Hinduism!”

A couple of years ago, when this Sadhu was in South Africa, a boy from the black community, devoted very much to our Ashram there, approached us and asked to be converted to Hinduism. We told him that he was already a because he was serving our Ashram there and attending our congregations. But, then he wanted a Hindu name. We asked him what his name was. He replied, “Bright”. “Well”, we replied, “in Sanskrit language, the word for bright one is ‘Bharata’ and hereafter you can call yourself Bharat”. The boy was immensely pleased.

What is needed today is that our Dharmacharyas should come down from their Peethas and walk into slums, especially into the houses of the poor, downtrodden and illeterate people who are labelled as converts to alien religions and enlighten them about their ancestors and their glorious heritage. Flying to distant lands and addressing ‘inter-religious congegrations’ some of them speak about sarva dharma samabhaava which they interpret as ‘equality of all religions’. 

The Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 5 text 18 says :

brahmane gavi hastini
suni caiva sva-pake ca
panditah sama-darsinah


vidya—education; vinaya—gentleness; sampanne—fully equipped; brahmane—in the brahmana; gavi—in the cow; hastini—in the elephant; suni—in the dog; ca—and; eva—certainly; svapake—in the dog-eater (the outcaste); ca—respectively; panditah-those who are so wise; sama-darsinah—do see with equal vision.


The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater.

But nowhere Krishna has declared that a Brahmana adorned with learning is equal to a dog and dog-eater. Those dharmaachaaryas who declare eloquently that Hinduism and the Semitic religions are equal do not often accept that the other sampradaayas within Hinduism are equal to their own. A Madhwa does not want Shaivite to come into his temple and perform pooja, not even a religious ceremony in his house. A vaishnavite does not want to get into Shaivite house or temple and perform a pooja or religious ceremony. No dharmaachaarya of any of these sects have ever spoken about this ‘apartheid’ within Hinduism. He knows well that if he speaks in praise of Semitic religions, no Christian padri or Muslim mullah is going to walk into his Ashram or Mandir posing a threat to his urge for domination, but if he praises any sect or sampradaaya within Hinduism, there is a possibility of the adherents of that sampradaaya or sect getting into his field and dragging away his sleep, weakening his hold. This is the height of hypocrisy. It is high time that all the barriers within the Hindu society are broken and Hindus call themselves first and last Hindus and Hindus only and their supreme dirty of worship, the Motherland, BharatavarshaVande Mataram.

Author: Sadhu Professor. V Rangarajan.

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