Kausalyaa suprajaa raamaa, poorvaa sandhyaa pravartate, 

Utthishta narasaardoola, kartavyam daivam aahnikam! 

“Oh Rama, benevolent son of Kausalya! The sun is rising in the east! Awake, O valiant among men! You have to perform your daily oblation to the Divine!” This was the clarion call that Rishi Viswamitra gave to Rama at dawn after the sage conducted the young Rama and Lakshmana into the forest to annihilate the Rakshasas disturbing his Yaga. Now this clarion call has been given to the vast Hindu congregation of seventy five million people on the occasion of the first  Poorna Amrit Kumbh of this millennium at Prayagraj in the first month of the first year of this century. 

Yes, it is a clarion call to the Hindu society to awake and wash off the dirt of shame and humiliation accumulated on their body through centuries and offer themselves up as sacrifice at the altar of Bharatamata! The call has been given to rebuild the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. As the Prime Minister of India had rightly said, it is a “national sentiment”, no doubt. It is not a narrow, sectarian and selfish demand of any fanatic religious group.  

Since times immemorial, the glorious temple of Ramlala has existed at Ayodhya. 

Ayodhyaa, Mathuraa Maayaa Kaashee Kaanchee Avantikaa, 

Puree Dwaaraavati chaivasaptaitaa mokshadaayikaah 

“Ayodhyaa, Mathura, Maya (Haridwar), Kashi, Kanchi, Avantika (Ujjain) and Dwarika Puri – all these seven cities bestow Moksha on human beings”, according to our Hindu scriptures. 

During the periods of Islamic invasions on the Hindu Nation, these temples were invariably attacked, looted and devastated in order to destroy the religion as well as the national sentiments of the Hindus. The situation did not improve after the European forces colonized the country. However, the Hindus have been relentlessly fighting for the recovery of these sacred shrines. History is replete with the saga of valiant kings and heroes who sacrificed their all in their attempt to recover these sacred shrines. 

In 1947, when the Britishers left, they divided the country into Hindusthan and Pakistan as the Muslims in India, whose forefathers were no doubt Hindus, did not want to live with the Hindu majority of this land and demanded a separate nation for themselves. When the Islamic nation of Pakistan came into existence, millions of Hindus in Pakistan were either converted to Islam or were killed or had to flee in exile to Hindustan. The temples in Pakistan were completely destroyed.  

However, the Hindus in Hindusthan, true to their tradition of generosity and hospitality, accommodated the Muslims and Christians in the land as these people were their own brethren unfortunately converted to alien religions due to the foreign aggressions and historical reasons. After all, Hinduism is not a fanatic and fundamentalist religion like Islam and Christianity and is a way of life which accommodates all forms of religious worship and considers the whole humanity as one family. The Muslims and Christians in Hindusthan were assured full safety and protection and were even given special rights and privileges, but the leaders of the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was thoroughly westernized in his outlook and way of life, failed to respect the sentiments of the Hindu majority and declare the nation duly as a Hindu Rashtra. Instead, these power hungry politicians, out to appease the Muslims and  Christians to capture their vote banks to keep themselves in power, relentlessly suppressed the rights and privileges of the Hindu majority which was unfortunately disunited and was yet to recover from the deep slumber which centuries of slavishness imposed on them. Perhaps, if an iron man like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had become the Prime Minister of India instead of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, India would have been declared as a Hindu Nation. 

The Hindus in India hoped that at least after Independence their destiny would change and they will be able to regain their lost national glory and resuscitate the ancient values of life based on the hoary culture and spiritual heritage of the land. However, it did not happen. The first and foremost principle of Hindu way of life is to adore and worship the land of birth as the Eternal Mother. Patriotic leaders of our country wanted the immortal song of Rishi Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Vande Mataram, which inspired millions of our youth  during the freedom struggle and made them perform unique self-sacrifice for the cause of the country and emancipation of the motherland, to be declared as the National Anthem, but the Muslims objected to it and under their pressure, the Congress gave up the demand and adopted Janaganamana, which was written by Poet Rabindranath Tagore to welcome King George V during British rule, as National Anthem. Though Vande Mataram, in a mutilated form as those portions which adore the Motherland as the manifestation of the Divine Mother in Her triple form – Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati – were removed, was accepted as equal to Janaganamana and recognized as National Anthem according to our Constitution, the Muslims and Christians refuse to honour it and sing it. They do not sing even Janaganamana in their educational institutions and their congregations, for they do not recognize this country as their fatherland or holy land. Article 51 A of the Indian Constitution demands that all citizens should honour the national ideals, institutions, flag and national anthem and respect the glorious tradition and culture of this land and protect it, but the blackguards among Muslims and Christians in India have taken it for granted that they are not bound by the injunctions of the Constitution nor the impotent Governments in power would ever be able to implement the clause. 

Like the Pandavas who sought at least five villages from the Kauravas who had usurped their kingdom, the Hindu society in Free India demanded at least three of the three thousand ancient temples destroyed by the alien forces during foreign rule. Those three temples are the most ancient and sacred shrines of Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya. Sardar Patel who belonged to Gujarat was able to act with an iron hand, when he became the Home Minister in Independent India, and regain the ancient Somnath temple at Dwaraka which was ravaged and plundered time and again during the Muslim invasions. But Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya fell in the Uttar Pradesh region which was under the influence of the so called secular Euro-Indian, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru and the Hindu leaders in the U.P. Congress had no guts to stand up and demand the restoration of these temples to the Hindus. During the Muslim rule, these temples were demolished and in their sites Islamic structures were built to prevent Hindus from reviving the temple worship. However, the Hindus have continued to worship in these temples even in their dilapidated condition and make pilgrimages to them from all parts of the country. 

Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee is the leader of a political party, BJP, which is committed to the rebuilding of Ram Mandir at the very same place where the Moghul conqueror Babar demolished the ancient temple and set up an Islamic structure, which is wrongly called Babri Masjid. According to Islamic shariat, a mosque cannot be built in the place where idol worship has taken place and hence the structure built by Babar was not at all a genuine mosque. The structure came up there because of the dog in the manger policy adopted by the Muslim emperor then. He never expected the Muslims to perform namaz there, but he also did not want the Hindus to rebuild the temple in that place. However, the Hindus did set up a shrine there and they still continue to worship Ramlala there, though Muslims never performed namaz in the place. Hence there is nothing blasphemous if the Hindus reclaim the site for rebuilding their Mandir. As a Prime Minister of the country, it is the right and duty of Sri Vajpayeeji to render justice to the Hindus. Whether the structure that was existing there was demolished legally or illegally by somebody cannot be a question to decide the right of the Hindus to rebuild the Mandir there.The so called secular parties have all been opposing the right of the Hindus because they all depend on the Muslim vote bank for their political survival. If some of them joined hands with the BJP to form a Government at the Centre with a common minimum programme, it does not mean that the BJP has relinquished all its policies and programmes. Though the Prime Minister has made it very clear time and again that his Government will stick to the common minimum programme as long as he heads the NDA Government, he has every right to defend the policies and principles of his own party. After all he is a nationalist Hindu who has dedicated his whole life for the cause of patriotism and the cultural and spiritual values of the land and only because of his sacrifice and service to the cause, he has been chosen the head of the nationalist party, BJP. Because of that party being the leading partner in the coalition, he is the Prime Minister of the country. Every child in this country knows that Sri Vajpayee started his public life as a Pracharak of the RSS and that the BJP is the nationalist party that enjoys the support of the patriotic organization, RSS. If some of the partners in the coalition want to appease the Muslims for the sake of the Muslim vote-bank, and at the same time want to stick to power with the help of BJP, why should the Prime Minister oblige them by being silent on the policies and principles of his own party?Today there is such an awakening among the people, especially the majority of Hindus in the country, and they are not prepared to swallow the stories that BJP and RSS are communal organizations out to destroy the minorities and the harmony and peace in this country. They are all well aware how the fanatic militants belonging to the minority – whether Muslims in Kashmir or the Christians in the North East – are hand in glow with foreign powers to destroy the sovereignty and integrity of this nation. The unsullied character and conduct of Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee as a gentleman politician, as a statesman and a national leader of high stature, has won him acclaim not only inside the country but also in foreign lands. By attempting to dub him communal or Hindu fanatic, the so called secularists try to play the game of the wolf which charged the lamb for disturbing the river water, but it is time for them to realize that they will not succeed in the game, for the people in this country cannot anymore be fooled by them and the people know their true colours. The coming generation is fully behind the nationalists and patriots, and not behind the power-hungry, anti-national secularists. 

Now the NDA constituents have come out with an assurance that the Government will abide by the decisions of the Supreme Court on the Ayodhya issue. How long it will take for the Supreme Court to decide the matter and whether there will be an NDA Government at all in power till that time are matters that time alone will answer. However the question arises whether any law court could reject the claim of the Hindus that through ages Ayodhya has been a sacred place of the Hindus because of its being the Rama Janmabhoomi and generations have offered worship in the temple of Ramlala there till the Moghul marauder Babar destroyed the temple about five centuries ago, that the Hindu kings who came later fought many battles to regain it, that the Hindus revived the worship even during the British period and have continued it during the post-Independence period and still worship in the shrine which is under their possession. No one can question their right to rebuild the temple in the very same place. Therefore, as Sri Vajpayee has rightly suggested, the peaceful solution to the problem lies either in the court of law conceding the right of the Hindus to build the temple at Rama Janmabhoomi or the Muslims agreeing to build a mosque elsewhere and allowing the Hindus to rebuild their temple. If either of these do not take place, the Hindus with self-respect will make any amount of sacrifice to assert their right by building the temple there at any cost. 

The so called secular parties, who for the sake of the Muslim vote-bank, support the unjust stand of the fundamentalist Muslims preventing Hindus from rebuilding the temple, should now realize that in the past few years their secular mask has not been able to deceive the people of India who have rejected them and elevated BJP to the status of the single largest national party in the Parliament, in spite of the repeated abuses by them and the Congress during the last four decades that the RSS and its political front Jan Sangh which is now known as BJP are ‘communalists’, ‘fanatics’ and ‘supporters of Nathuram Godse’ and what not. These parties which considered themselves to be big brothers in Indian politics when the erstwhile Jan Sangh and the later BJP where still in infancy, have today realized that their base is completely eroded because of their deceptive and opportunistic stands and that BJP is too strong a power today to be confronted by all of them together. Some of the so called secular parties which are well aware of the truth have joined hands with BJP to share power. The majority Hindus who are freed from the Maya of the so called secularism will no more allow their rights to be eroded by the so called minority rights. They do want to live in peace and amity with their own brethren who by force of circumstances and historical reasons got converted to alien religions either forcibly or because of enticements and some of whom even created a separate nation by vivisecting Bharatavarsha. They do recognize, true to the spirit of Hindu culture, the right of every individual to practise a religion of his or her choice. However, they are not prepared to appease the so called minorities anymore at the cost of the interests of the majority community and integrity and sovereignty of our nation. Therefore they are arraying behind the true nationalist party, BJP. 

The Mandir of Ramlala at Rama janmabhoomi existed since long before the conquest of Babur, it continued to exist even during the British period, has been existing in the post-Independent India, and it will continue to exist even after the so called secular parties vanish from the political scene and the proud Hindu race rebuild  the Hindu Rashtra on the sacred soil of Akhanda Bharatavarsha. Now it is time for you, the descendents of the great rishis and sages of this land to awake. You are the manifestation of Lord Rama! You are children of immortality.  If you rise up, no power in the world can stand against you! The world looks with wonder and awe at the massive congregation of 75 million people – an ocean of humanity – the largest gathering of pious and devout souls ever recorded in human history – taking a holy dip in the Triveni – the Sangam of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati at Prayag. Wash off your sins of slumber and self-forgetfulness that brought shame and subjugation of the land of Bharatas by alien forces and that still holds on your shoulder as the unfortunate legacy of the past. True, a wrong done in the past cannot be righted by another wrong in the present. We Hindus do not want to destroy in revenge the mosques and churches built by the Muslims and Christians in the sacred places where our glorious temples existed and still exist. But we have every right to reclaim our hoary and ancient temples. It also does not require that all the Hindus including the so called pseudo-secularist Euro-Indian politicians should unanimously demand the restoration of the temples. Even if a handful of children of Mother Bharat demand that their temples must be restored to them, even if they are in a minority, they have every right to get it, for it is their ancestral heritage. They need not be at the mercy of politicians and government. If a handful of Muslim militants in Kashmir and other parts of the country, who are agents of Pakistan, can hold our country to ransom, if a handful of Christian militants influenced by European powers can challenge the integrity of our nation by raising a banner of revolt in the North East, a group of patriotic Hindu youth inspired by the spirit of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Guru Gobind Singh, Swami Dayanand, Swami Shraddhanand, Swami Vivekananda and Swami Rama Tirth, determined to sacrifice their lives for the cause of Motherland, can redeem the honour of the Hindu Nation. Wake up, O Rama, the sun rises in the East!  

Vande Mataram! 

Author: Professor Sadhu Rangarajan

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