“Mother and motherland are holier than the heaven” – This is the sacred belief of every true Hindu, A hind is defined as one who adores the land of his birth, Bharata Varsha from the river sindhu in the north to the Indian ocean in the south, as his father land and holy land. Since times immemorial, it has been the tradition of the Hindu to worship Bharatmata on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritya. This year this national festival has com in may, closely on the heels of another important national event – the culmination of the centenary year of one of the foremost among the worshippers of the Holy Motherlanad. 

Swatantrys, veer Vinayak Dhamodar Savarkar is an immortal name in the annals of Indians freedom struggle, as he himself justly clamed, he suffering and sacrificed for 50 years in struggle in Indian Independence was in no measure less than that of any other patriotic leader of his generation. An objective end and impartial study of the history of India’s freedom struggle will prove that Veer Savarkar is the real architect of our freedom.  

“Mother and motherland are holier than the heaven”

At a time when the whole country was submerged in the eerie silence of the grave yard, immediately after the fall of the grate martyrs and hero’s of the first world war of Indian independence 1857, it was the pioneering efforts of the revolutionaries that awakened the soul power of the nation once again and inspired many a young men to offer his life at the alter of the mother bharat. Undoubtedly, Veer Savarkar’s magnum opus “THE FIRST WAR OF INDIAN INDEPENDENCE, 1857”  was the sacred scripture of the valiant revolutionaries. These undaunted patriots were doubted as’ mad Men’ and’ Terrorists’ by the Britishers and there stooges. But they leaved according to the definition of patriotism given by their spiritual guide and political guru – Swami Vivekananda: “You talk of patriotism but as the thought of your motherland taken so much hold of you that you have lost your sleep and carry the burden of your people throughout your waking moments? That is real patriotism.” 

Swami Vivekananda

“You talk of patriotism but as the thought of your motherland taken so much hold of you that you have lost your sleep and carry the burden of your people throughout your waking moments? That is real patriotism.” 

Veer sarvarkar’s work in India house, London, paved the way for the setting up off, a wide network of revolutionary organization in India and abroad, His transportation of life for 50 years and in incarceration in the black water islands, Andaman’s, Could not extinguish the blaze of the revolutionary spirit enkindled by him. Though, in the later days, there emerged on the Indian political scene a group of prophets who preached non-violence as means of political freedom, their efforts could only carry the message of freedom to masses, but not change the heart of tyrants. The final blow which crushed the British Empire ‘in which the sun never sets’ was given by the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose under the direct guidance of Veer Savarkar. It was Veer Savarkar who advised Netaji to trick his way out of India, organized Indian prisoners of war falling into the hands of German’s and Japanese into a mighty Indian national Army and attack the British India from outside. Though Netaji’s Army could not capture Delhi because of the sudden turn of events in the World War, the blow he dealt on the British might was too much for the latter to perpetuate their empire in India. As Earl Atlee, the then British Prime Minister, openly admitted in the British parliament, the revolt in the British Indian Army, Navy and Air force, inspired by the sacrifices of the hero’s of the Indian national Army compelled the Britishers to quit India. If it is not Veer Savarkar’s, whose victory was this? Unfortunately the true history of our freedom struggle has been deliberately blacked out and our younger generation was totally ignorant of the roll played by the valiant hero’s and martyrs like, Veer Savarkar, Madame Cama, Lala Hardayal, Madanlal Dingra, V.V.S Iyer, Champakaraman Pillai, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad, Vanchinathatan, Neelakanta Brahmachari, Rash Bihari Bose and Subash Chandra Bose. But truth will never die and the generations to come are sure to unearth the sacred relics of our past history and reconstruct it. 

Savarkar lived to see India gaining Independence, but he could not bear the sight of vivisection of the holy Motherland. He longed to see the re-emergence of the Akhanda Bharat, a dream shared by yet another great revolutionary and seer, mahayogi sri aurobindo. Perhaps the coming generation will see the dream come true. 

On the auspicious occasion of the Centenary of the great son of bharatamata, TATTVA DHARSANA comes to you with his clarion call: 

“If you wish, O Hindus, to prosper as a great and glorious Hindu Nation under the sun, and you will have a claim on it, that the state must be established under the Hindu Flag. The dream would be realized, I may be styled as a day-dreamer, if it comes true, I would stand forth as its prophet. I am bequeathing this legacy to you”. 


Author – Professor Sadhu Rangarajan (MAY 1984)

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